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「HMV&BOOKS」 “Say the name 17” Interview: Seungkwan & Vernon

Hello Hello! It’s your favorite kpop stan here again writing about SEVENTEEN. I’ve been filled with anxiety these days so, what better way to keep my mind off it by listening to music while doing something kind of productive?

I’m still a beginner at translating and I really want to get better and faster at it. Since I spent time working on it already, might as well share it right? So here you are, please enjoy!

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Interview with Seungkwan

Vocal Team
Birthday: January 16th, 1998
Blood Type: B



What was it like when you met J-Carats for the first time?

It was so incredible to see so many fans supporting us overseas. During our first concert in Japan, more fans came to see us than I expected. I was very touched by that.

What was it like when you won 1st place on a music show for the first time?

When they announced the 1st place winner and our song started playing, I was so emotional I started crying. If we won first place, doesn’t that mean we were the best song that week? We worked so hard on releasing the album, then we won first place with Carats right there before our eyes, the members were surprised as well… Even now I still tear up every time I remember that moment. I’ll never forget this happy moment.

As SEVENTEEN, you have challenged yourselves to various things. Please give some advice to those who would like to challenge themselves.

A challenge isn’t something you have to do all at once. If you get tired, you can take a break and pick it back up again at any time. So even if you’ve given up on something, don’t let that bring you down. I have challenged myself to many things too. When I was a trainee, my dream was always to become a singer so I never even once thought about giving up.  No matter what happens, I’ll make it work out with my own will. 

So you kicked off your 2019 world tour with your August show at SOPA. How does this world tour compare with your first one?

It’s a little embarrassing to say but, I feel like my passion to perform on stage has grown even more since. The longer I’ve been together with the members, the stronger our bond is.

Tell us about the first time you felt moved by team work.

Ever since we debuted, we all work together well as a group. However, recently I’ve been feeling so more than ever. It’s fun just spending time with the members. Even the staff often say “SEVENTEEN members get along well”, which makes us realize that we really do get along well.

Please recommend us some Jeju Island sightseeing spots.

The beaches at Jeju Island are really pretty so I recommend going to the beaches and feel the ocean breeze there. There are many delicious restaurants there, I recommend a beef soup dish called “Gogi-guksu”. abalone and beltfish are also a Jeju Island specialty!

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Interview with Vernon

Hip Hop Team
Birthday: February 18th, 1997
Blood Type: A



What was it like when you met J-Carats for the first time?

Even beyond the ocean, there are so many people who loved us so much, cheer us on, it’s incredible. And as time goes by, the number of J-Carats keep increasing. That’s so amazing. It makes me very happy. 

What was it like when you won 1st place on a music show for the first time?

I’m the type of person who doesn’t expect too much no matter what the situation is. So I don’t usually feel disappointed and I’m more happy when something good does happen. At the time, I was nervous but I tried to stay calm by reminding myself that. But I was very surprised when we got first place. I saw some of our members crying. When I saw that, I thought to myself, “I want to continue to work harder with these members”

So you kicked off your 2019 world tour since August at SOPA! How does this world tour compare with your first one?

I’ve gained more experience with leading performaces and dealing with different situations since. So I think we can make a show that’ll create better memories for Carats. Our number of songs has increased a lot so there are some that we couldn’t fit in the setlist. But that I think it’s a happy problem.  There’s a sense of satisfaction when thinking that, “wow we’ve made a lot of music.”

Tell us about the first time you felt moved by team work.

Rather than moved, I felt really thankful. Last year, my whole family went on a trip to Europe to celebrate our grandmother’s 80th birthday. At the time we had to adjust our work schedules because of me but the members understood. I felt very thankful for them and it made me wanted to work even harder. 

You’re always so calm. Tell us about the first time you lost your composure.

This wasn’t the first time, however, sometimes the members energy is way too much (lol). Like, during shoots or live shows, I can’t keep up with their energy (lol). Well, sometimes I get quite hyper too, but never as much as the other members!

When did you write your own rap for the first time?

It was back when I was still a trainee, I suddenly decided that I wanted to try writing my own rap. Then the staff members saw the rap I wrote and realized that I really wanted to do rap so they let me take more lessons. But honestly, I don’t remember the songs I wrote (lol). I probably just wrote what ever I felt like at the time (lol). 

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Final Thoughts

Vernon is so cute, I want to give him a hug. I hope my translations are better this time around. I definitely got it done much faster than the last time I translated one of these! This is a pretty rough draft so, sorry about the grammatical mistakes. Or if some wordings seem unnatural.

I think I’ll fix it later. For now this works!

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Again, feel free to use my not so great translation to share this article! I just want to share SEVENTEEN’s message to the world since I am able to ?

-Just another carat signing off now ❤️

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