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Bottled up Frustrations

To be honest, I dread one of my classes in college right now mostly because I feel like it requires too much (graded) work for the amount of credits. This is a 2 credit class, and I spend just as much, if not more time in this class than my 5 credit class. Now in terms of money per credit value, you can argue that, “well at least you’re getting more for what you paid for”, true. But I honestly don’t have time for it. While I understand that there must be a lot the professor wants to share, I cant agree with the amount of work load he puts on us. It’s quite inconsiderate of his student’s time because if someone signs up for a 2 credit class, they’re expecting a 2 credit workload. But instead I’m spending over 4 hours per assignment in this class, 2 hour lecture and I’m expected to go out of my way for a (pre-approved) Social Networking event…. that are usually during my work hours. I mean, it’s helpful and all but ugh.. just ugh.

Another complaint I have for the class is that the description is deceiving. The class title is “Careers in IT” and here is what it says

“This course provides an overview of careers in the computer field: the types of positions, job functions, salaries, expectations, requirements, skills, and abilities necessary for successful employment. Students assess their career objectives, including a timetable, resources, and steps needed to achieve those objectives. Students also prepare for technical interviews, develop their job search materials, and expand their professional network. This course is suitable for those exploring possibilities in IT as well as those preparing to launch a job search”

So far seven weeks into class, we’ve mostly did a lot of self evaluations and how to create a business card, resume, and cover letter. I was hoping more of a class that will open my horizon as to what the tech industry is all about. And how I should expect my entry level work to be like, what’s it like climbing up the career ladder, etc. I was hoping that our professor can bring in some real life examples so we can actually know. My college advertises that we have plenty of employers in the area that hire tech graduates, and I was kinda hoping they would dig more into what that’s all about. The biggest problem for most college students is that they’re expected to pick a major and spend the next 2-4 years of their life studying for it By the time you are 3 or 4 years in, you start questioning yourself…

Is this what I really want to do?
What kind of jobs can I even get with my degree?
Maybe I’m not cut out for this industry..

And so on…. I’ve asked myself these questions very often during my time in University and I know so many people out there who are the same way. Which comes to my point about this class, I was hoping this class would help clear out that cloud floating over head… but it hasn’t.

Though, not to say I haven’t learned anything in the class. I learned a lot of tips about networking and especially using LinkedIn as a tool to stay connected with your networks. Also, I love the idea that this class is required. I just really wish the class was executed differently because it could have been sooo much better and sooo useful to many new college students.

Anyways, I just wanted to let that frustration out of my system in writing… I’ll continue to remind myself that this is what I decided to do and I’ll do my best at it to the very send.


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