Month: July 2008


HondaiMood: x_x
Listening to: Zutto – NewS
Eating: I’m waiting for breakfast
Reading: La Cordad’Oro vol.8
Working on: .___.
Browsing: nothing
Watching: Finished Peach Girls

.____.;; it’s 11:51 and I just got up around 10 minutes ago. I sure wake up late don’t I? *sigh*. Last night I had the creepiest nightmare ever. I mean who could even ever think of it. So here is how it went.

This dream seems to take place in some sort of future. There were more high-tech stuff but it isn’t like super high-tech like the Jetsons. There were barely trees. Brown grounds everywhere. My classmates and I and many more random people I know (some from TV) were part of a assassin guild. [Assassin guild just like a game assassin x_x}. The place where our guild lives is the only place that has alot of trees. There were cherry blossoms everywhere. It was beautiful. People no longer determine themselves by countries. They determine themselves by the buildings they live. (Us Assassin Guild was a ‘country’ too).

The goal of our guild is to not let any technology influence us. We live our own way. (the technology we use is just like what we have today in our everyday lives). But then one day we were all called by this one building called ‘Sereniaf’ (something like that) called out whole guild up to their building. They said they want our help for something. So we all went. But at the end of the day when we went back to out place, everything was destroyed. Our leader blame it on the Sereniaf but we don’t have proof it was them.

Then our leader made a plan. This plan was to murder people in Sereniaf… When the mission started I went to the first floor. And there was a scientist who belong to Sereniaf. He was my friend for a long time. He always helped me with my plants. At first I proceed my killing method. (the killing method is a little hard to explain so I’m going to skip it). But in the end I couldn’t do it! So I went back to save him. And we ran away to the other floors. (because if we go out of the building the leader will found out that I’m a traitor). Then I saw my guildmates killing people…. quietly. People in Sereniaf didn’t know they were being killed one…by one.

Then the leader of Sereniaf found us out and it became this really big fight. Some how the building start breaking. So me and my scientist friend,( I call him Doc, like from back to the future. He wasn’t old though!) ran away. Then I woke up (in my dream) and found out that we were alive. There were ashes and dirt. Dark sky that looks very polluted. Dead bodies laying on the ground. It looked sick I don’t even want to remember it… Doc and I don’t have anywhere to go though.. other buildings don’t trust people and take them in so easily.

So we wondered. And wondered. Then I found this building called ‘Ampornpaisan’ which is the name of an old school I went to before. I was happy to see it and I’m sure I can show them I fit in the building because I attended the school before. Then once we got to the gate they asked us “Who are you guys, I don’t recognize your faces”. I told her “The building we use to live at is destroyed. Can we please live here?” She refused. Then she ask “Prove it to me that you belong to our building some how!”. Then I remembered… the owner of that school. She was very old. She is currently over 100 years old. But then since in the dream is in the future, she should be around 180 or 200 years old!!! So I decided to ask her “How is the owner of the school ‘kun yai ying’ (is what only the people in our school call her) doing?’. The guard lady was shock…..

Then I don’t remember what happen after that. Hahahahaha!!! I know it might not seem scary but it really was! T.T Anyway, I’m going to go eat breakfast.. no lunch now

Super Smash Brothers

HondaiMood: My brain is tired.
Listening to: SHAKE – SMAP
Eating: I want breakfast! DX
Reading: Fruits Basket 20
Working on: Math HW
Browsing: Blogs & Graphic sites
Watching: Peach Girls

I was doing math homework but I gave up a little hahaha. My brain is tired and I need to rest (lame excuse of being lazy). We’re doing Roots, Radicals, and Complex Numbers right now. I understand it but… when ever I do the practice problems I never get them right when I thought I got it right! I guess I don’t understand it after all….

I’m still pouting over my lost blog entries. I shouldn’t but I can’t help but think all of that I’ve written is gone. It’s like I lost my collection. I cherish those memories. Even though alot of them are embaressing and stupid I still want to read them and laugh at them. *sighs* Oh well.

At least I found something entertaining to do. I’ve been playing Super Smash Brothers. It’s so much fun. Playing against my brother and Ampy. I never win though. It’s either Ampy or Gavin(my brother). I guess I suck at this game x_X Oh well. The version I play is the Nintendo 64 version though. So it’s old. There aren’t many characters to choose from. So it gets boring after awhile.

And today’s extra. 😀 Ampy’s new cover. Kuchibiru Daydream I really like how she sang this one. It sounded better on the original MP3. When we made a video of it… some how the sound got all whacky and stuff TT.TT Oh well, it still sounds good.

Have a nice day! 8D


HondaiMood: Good
Listening to: Wind – Toshiro Masuda
Eating: Cobb Salad
Reading: Kitchen Princess Vol. 2
Working on: A Premade 🙂
Browsing: Youtube
Watching: Minami Ke!

Ello Jellos! Today Ampy and I went shopping! Hahaha. At first we didn’t plan to waste money at all but some how we started buying stuff. I end up spending more than $20!!! TT^TT No more NEWS CD’s for you Hondai.

But I think what I got was quite worth it! 😀 I got 2 pairs of earings. One was a dangling star one and the other was a hoop kind. Then I got new sun glasses. Then I got a Hello-kitty light up Yoyo and a Mechanical pencil of this cute Panda and bread thing. I actually wanted to buy this game called Ninja Gaiden too. But it waswaaaaaayy too expensive. It was over $30!! I played the sample in the shop for quite awhile. It was very entertaining XDDD

OH! By the way. About my test that I forgot to scan 1 page last time. Tinia (my math teacher) decides to be awesome and graded only the pages I scanned!!! Gahhh~ I’m so lucky!!! Usually in college classes they wouldn’t really give such opportunities like this. Ackk I love Tinia now. She’s the best. 🙂

Amp and I started watch Minami Ke yesterday. It was cute and funny. XD We watched 3 episodes so far I think. My favorite part would probably part when the youngest sister was invited go hang out asked her friend if they were going to do “the weird thing people do when a boy and a girl are alone”. Ahahahaha. That made me laugh alot. The thing is she doesn’t know what that “weird thing” people do is. I also like the ending theme. 😀 I’m suppose to sing it at Ampy’s request quite a long time ago but I can’t seem to sing this song in tune at all D: Tune Fail

And thank you for all the comments on the new layout ^__^ I’m happy you all like it.

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HondaiMood: I’m having a bad day.
Listening to: Natumachi – Round Table feat. Nino
Eating: Nothing
Reading: I just got the newest Skip Beat!
Working on: the new layout and done!
Watching: Lucky Star

Surprise! There ya go! A new layout for HoshiruNET. How do you like it? I think it’s pretty random. The colors reminds me of a candy I use to eat alot when I’m a kid. It turned out a little different from what I usually make but not bad huh? I like it! And about the name. At first I wanted to name it Cherish and Charming. But it didn’t made much sense so instead I search in the dictionary for a synonym of sweet then I found the world chrube. Then it clicked for all the words starting with a ch. But chrube actually means a beautiful or innocent person, esp. a child. Even though the girl on the header isn’t really a child but oh well!

I’ve been having a bad day. It all started from in the morning. I found out that I forgot to scan one whole page of my test… Which means an automatic 10 points going byebye. Then before My brother, Ampy, and I are going to go out I wanted to sync my ipod. I felt like listening to some of my NEWS songs but no matter how hard I look for it on my itunes, it’s just not there!!!! Then I found out that I lost many many many more songs too. Lucky some of the song files are there but the record of my plays are gone. ._____. Then quite a few minutes ago I accidentally uploaded a cutenews file into my directory. Then now all yes I mean all of my blog entries (precious memories) are gone. Unless anyone knows where cutenews actually saves the entries then please tell me! I really want to retrieve them somehow! TT_____TT stupid cutenews! maybe I should switch to something else….

Other than that Ampy gave me a secret web project to do. I’m not suppose to talk about it to anyone but hahaha. Well, it’s still a secret right now so I’m not suppose to say what it’s going to be about. If we can successfully create it, I shall announce it to you all! 😀

Also, I got a hair cut yesterday! It’s a total different look! It reminds me of a hair style I use to have when I was a little kid. X3 I change from my usual swoosh to the side bangs to front bangs. Right now their a little short.Once my hair settles and looks better maybe I’ll show a picture of it!

Well, I really don’t feel like blogging too much anymore because of all the bad things that are happening to me lately. I’m going to go read the new mangas we got today. Yay! See you next time~

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