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    Mood: good Listening to: ?????? – Tattoo colour Drinking: Water Reading😕my old Diary Working on: Nothing Browsing😕LDMB Watching: -blank- Went to work?all day?yesterday.?[I’m curious on how much I’m getting in my next paycheck]. During break time went to?Shika Tea?with Ampy again. I got my usual?Manga Jasmine Tea with Yogurt Smoothie+ Tapioca. Too much Tapioca though. D: It made me feel sick. Next time I’ll get it without Tapioca… like how I usually to do it. Didn’t get to watch SmaxSma today because we slept too late yesterday. >__< Now Ampy is still sleeping. She’s suppose to go to the ‘back to school fair’ today. Mine is tomorrow. .__.?it’s boring…. Tomorrow…

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    Long gone Diary?

    Mood: Nostalgic Listening to: DREAMS – NewS Drinking: Water Reading😕Yenta4 Diarys Working on: YES! Everything is back to normal Browsing😕LDMB Watching😕Massu, Kouyama, Yamapi ? I’m bored. So I’m going to blog about a blog. Hahaha~ Well, before I got into webdesigning I use to blog on this place called?Yenta4. I just went back there again today, after being on and off for so many months. x_x It has changed soo much. Alot of my old friends there aren’t blogging there anymore either. Man.. I miss people there. Amp and?my brother Oran?went to a wedding. My brother?Gavin?is at work. So I’m at home with my mom and my dad. It’s been…

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    Amp Love Chronicle

    Mood: Good. Listening to: Melody Lineの死亡率 – ONE OK ROCK Drinking: I need to drink water Reading: Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul Working on: I need PS Browsing😕LDMB Watching: Rurouni Kenshin So Amp did another cover and she has many waiting on the list. For me? I really can’t sing. Minami-ke’s ending is so hard. Especially at the chorus! >__< I’m not going to give up though. 負けない! ぜったい負けないだよ! I think she did well on this one. Besides how sucky the quality came out. ): She sounds much better live. Hahaha. Anyway, Ciao!

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    Fresh and clean

    Mood: Sick ): Listening to: Melody Lineの死亡率 – ONE OK ROCK Drinking: I want Mango Jasmine Tea Reading: Nothing Working on: *sighs* Browsing😕Jpop Asia Watching: Kaleido Star: Legend of Pheonix ε=( ̄。 ̄;) to be honest right now, I feel very sick. I’ve been busy and working alot. It makes up for the paycheck I lost though. So oh well,?tomorrow and Friday?I get a break. Yay! ^0^/ Anyway, 😀 on Monday my sister and I cleared out bedroom. Trust me?my table was a mess!!!?It was like messier than a jungle.?>__< I decided to remove my table though. So now my bedroom looks much wider. That’s my messy table. And Amp to the…

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