Month: September 2008

Spanish Class

HondaiMood: very Nervous
Listening to: Tic tac typing sounds
Drinking: Water
Reading😕Diary Yenta
Working on: Spanish HW
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Watching: Nothing really

Bahhh~ So college started. I actually enjoy how the classes go. but on my free time, I’m so bored. I barely get to see my friends in highschool. Which sucks, badly! I miss them so much. But the problem is, when ever I stop by the highschool, people would ask me?“What are you doing here?”…. Why can’t someone be at their own school? Seriously. I would like people to stop asking me that. And the good friends well actually greet me first“Hi Wilda!!! I miss you! so so so”?Then they will ask why I am here.

My Spanish class goes by pretty fast. I’m having a hard time remembering some stuff. It’s a new language for me.?Japanese became home-ish already.?I get things mix up like “Como te llamas?” and “Como estas” .__. oh good lord.

Well, I’m studying hard! 😀 I’ll do my best!!

Fly away~ (to north!) Far away~ (to east!) Tsubasa hirogete~
Go ahead~ (go west!) Do your best~ (go south) Niji o tsukamou~
lol sorry, I just suddenly got NewS’s debut song stuck in my head. XD Well classes are starting in 30 minutes. So Hasta la vista!

Yu go Oh!?

HondaiMood: Nervous
Listening to: ??????????? – Class
Drinking: Water, water, water!!!!
Reading😕Diary Yenta
Working on: Work week! T___T
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Watching: Nothing really

I’ve been wanting to buy more Yu-gi-oh cards. Hahaha, my dragon deck needs serious make over. It’s not bad now but… I don’t know. XD New cards would be great. Hahahaha

Phone from a friend

HondaiMood: Happy!!!!
Listening to: Baby don’t Cry – Namie Amuro
Drinking: Strawberry Jasmine Tea Smoothie
Reading😕Diary Yenta
Working on: Work week!
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Watching😕Happy Birthday PV – NewS

The other day I was ranting about my friend from Thailand who recently became an exchange student in the US.

The next thing I know he started to comment on my?Hi5?asking me that where I live and what my phone number is. Well, I gave him my phone number, not really thinking that he would actually call. But then he DID call me. O__O He seemed?very?happy to talk to me again. It’s been 4 years that we actually got to talk. Hehehe, I was doing the listening part though. He was very excited about being here in America.

Me on the other hand, is happy to get to talk to an old friend on the phone again. I miss my friends in Thailand alot. I’ll probably won’t get to see any of them in another 4 or more years though. ^ ^;; I’ll still bare with it.

Anyway, I have to go work tomorrow. So Adios~

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HondaiMood: Getting Sleepy
Listening to: Lion Heart – SMAP
Drinking: Qoo~
Reading😕Diary Yenta
Working on: Stars
Browsing: t-w-i-t-t-e-r
Watching😕Happy Birthday PV – NewS

Amp and I went to Seattle again today. Amp needed to change her order of our CD that we order. Instead of the normal addition we’re getting the limited addition because it comes with an extra track. Yes yes yes!?NewS, Happy Birthday PV is out!?It’s not the best but it’s still cute. Hahaha, theres one part that a chicken jumps into the oven and comes out as baked chicken.?It was sad,?but I couldn’t help but laugh. Oh and the dance!

Arigatou?(bows)?Kimi no Happy baa-su day?*forms heart with hand ?*
Who ever thought of that dance is clever.?I like it!

Anyway, I went to Uwajimaya and got some Qoo~ It’s been a long time since I drank some. (I use to be obsess with Qoo). Yum yum!