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    A Journey

    Mood: lonely evenings Listening to: LIFE – YUI Drinking: Water Reading: Nothing really Working on: Studying Spanish Browsing: Deviant Art Watching: Hotelier My personal computer has been having problems. It keeps crashing. So I’m not able to do updates by my FTP server. Not until I install a client on some other computer ofcourse Yet again today went to the high school for my study Wednesdays. This time was rather fun during lunch time and stuff. I got to talk to a lot of my old friends. My friend Toto asked me why I was there >3> I’m a little sick of that question. Even though I am doing Running…

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    Kami-sama no present

    Whoo hoo! Finally a new layout! Featuring the one and only?Athrun Zala!?Whoohoo!?Athrun is back. Hahahaha. It’s going to be his birthday soon. It’s going to be?Amp’s?birthday soon too! Their both on the same day. Hahaha. I actually got Ampy something for her birthday already.?I hope she likes it. I mean,?it’s nothing really special?but in a way it is Hahaha. Too bad I can’t say what it is because?Ampy?checks Hoshiru out sometimes. So I guess you guys will find out the same time Ampy does! 😀 Anyway, about the new layout. How do you like it??I actually finished it since the beginning of October. But I didn’t have a chance to…

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    Nodame Cantabile

    Mood: Great! Listening to: Push On! – NEWS Drinking: Water <3 Reading: Essays Essays Essays! Working on: Spanish homework Browsing: Last.fm Watching: Nodame Cantabile *points at avatar*?I really miss Athrun. I can’t wait until Gundam SEED the movie comes out. But when it does, Gundam SEED will be ending of it’s ending. Wahhh~ Anyway, I finished watching?Nodame Cantabile?quite awhile ago. It was a nice series. I enjoyed a lot of it. – The key theme was Classical Music. Catchy unique that recieved 5/5. – Character development was pretty good. I actually liked it so 4/5. – Story line 4/5 – Ending 4/5 I thought the ending was average. It was…

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    Wall of Johnnys

    Mood: Tired but great! Listening to: So Special – EXILE Drinking: Nothing Reading: Lollipop something Working on😕True Magic’s update Browsing: Last.fm Watching: Hotelier [Korean Drama] Ophew! this week hasn’t been that busy. But for some reason I feel more tired than the other weeks. *0* I wonder why. Anyway, I think I remember mentioning that my room has a?very?boring?white wall. Well, I guess Amp and I found a way to?pimp?make our wall more interesting. This is the view from my bed?(It’s a top bunk). What I see first thing in the morning. Yes, I know a wall full of posters of?Johnny’s. Well, the official posters are the?SMAP?poster?(the biggest one)and?Tegomass?Pin-up?(two guys…

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