Day: October 24, 2008

A Journey

HondaiMood: lonely evenings
Listening to: LIFE – YUI
Drinking: Water
Reading: Nothing really
Working on: Studying Spanish
Browsing: Deviant Art
Watching: Hotelier

My personal computer has been having problems. It keeps crashing. So I’m not able to do updates by my FTP server. Not until I install a client on some other computer ofcourse

Yet again today went to the high school for my study Wednesdays. This time was rather fun during lunch time and stuff. I got to talk to a lot of my old friends. My friend Toto asked me why I was there >3> I’m a little sick of that question. Even though I am doing Running Start and taking classes at the college, I’m still a student on my highschool. So please understand. D: I am not an outsider.

Anyway, today after school my friend Panda and I were hungry so we decided to go grab some food to eat. >w< Mannnn we went to some burger place and had a nice talk. Hahaha it was fun! I really love talking to Panda. She’s a good listener. I love her 🙂 She’s one of my cherished friends.

On the way home I was walking alone listening to my iPod. Looking at the fall leaves on the floor and walking a long strait path back home. Then I suddenly had a thought. “I want to go on a journey.” “A journey that I can keep walking ahead to see new things around me and stop at the places I like or when ever I get tired.” It was a fantasy like thought. But now that I think about it, I am already walking on a journey sorta like that. That journey is called?life

Kami-sama no present

HondaiMood: A little tired but good!
Listening to: KANSHA shite – SMAP
Drinking: –
Reading: Espanol text book!
Working on: Page drafts
Browsing: Deviant Art
Watching: –

Whoo hoo! Finally a new layout! Featuring the one and only?Athrun Zala!?Whoohoo!?Athrun is back. Hahahaha. It’s going to be his birthday soon. It’s going to be?Amp’s?birthday soon too! Their both on the same day. Hahaha.

I actually got Ampy something for her birthday already.?I hope she likes it. I mean,?it’s nothing really special?but in a way it is Hahaha. Too bad I can’t say what it is because?Ampy?checks Hoshiru out sometimes. So I guess you guys will find out the same time Ampy does! 😀

Anyway, about the new layout. How do you like it??I actually finished it since the beginning of October. But I didn’t have a chance to fix some parts of the layout.?(in the end I didn’t anyway)?Does it seem a little gloomy? I wanted it to be night time so thats why. *-* I really like how it’s simple though. 😀 Inspiration from?NEWS Happy Birthday!. Oh and the title, Kami-sama no present. Means?“a present from god”?or?God’s present. Just gave the name dedicated to Athrun that’s all. XD

I cleared up alot of dead blog buddies. Some of them closed down so I felt kinda bad removing them T^T.?But I feel like I accidentally removed someone I’m not suppose to?x_X So if?you one of them?please inform me. I don’t think I can recall my blog buddies from memory.

I also updated my?Wish List and Fan listing. A lot of my wishes came true! Which is a good thing. Mostly are the ‘items’ though. Of only the events and the dreams can come true! >0< But some of those will take afford. Which I am working hard on. >:D And also I rearranged some of the fan listing buttons.?I gave Tegoshi a huuuuugggeeee button?because I’m a?huuuuugggeeee?fan. Hahaha, I’m sure there are people out there who is a huger fan though. [Aweee ): doesn’t matter though HAH!] I want to give Athrun a?huuuuugggeeeeone too. But I guess I’ll make one some other time. *slaps Hondai you meanie!*

Anyway, I should go to sleep now. I have to stop by the high school tomorrow. Bye bee!