Month: November 2008

Hoshiru Updates

HondaiMood: Sleepy
Listening to: Sunadokei – Tegomasu
Eating: Nothing really
Reading: –
Working on: Math Homework
Browsing: Lang-8
Watching: Scrap Teacher

Phew~! Another week went by, now another to go! Next week is the final week for college! Then After that I have?Nothing?to worry about during break! XD Well… not?nothing. But I don’t have to worry?as much. 🙂

So I added some pages and fix some stuff. One of the pages I added is the?So called Heroes?page. I’ve been thinking on how to write this page, and finally I decide to merge them together and call them my heroes. 8D There you are!?My Heroes!?I’m not really done writing in it yet. Since it really takes a lot of reflecting when I write this stuff. I get too sentimental. D:

The other page I added is the?extremely interesting?Drama list?Page. Whoo~ I can’t believe how many dramas I finished watching. It’s a lot and insane considering I have only started most of the dramas this year o__o

I have work tomorrow~ Noooo. I really don’t feel like going tomorrow. >__<; I have a lot of thinking to do for my English class.?Final Reflection?essay.. all I have to do is reflect myself right? D:

Ahhh wells, Que sera sera! good night!

Hana Yori Dango

HondaiMood: *0*
Listening to: FLY AGAIN – NEWS
Eating: Pad Si Iu
Reading: Gamer Girl
Working on: –
Browsing: Lang-8
Watching: Hana Yori Dango 2 J-drama

Wahh! Hana Yori Dango the drama was awesome! *0* I can’t believe Amp and I spend over 12 ours finishing the whole 2nd season today. It’s been awhile since I’ve sat and stare at a screen for over 8 ours. XD

Though, I have to admit, I don’t feel sick or anything at all. The drama was just a balence of everything. It’ was just awesome <3 After watching the drama, the fact that it’s name is?Hana Yori Dango?just makes it funny. XD Because the main guy, Tsukasa, often reads the kanji’s kun and ons wrong. And the title èŠ±ă‚ˆă‚Šç”·ć­.?男歐, meaning boy, should be read?otoko?but it can also be read?dango. Wah! Too confusing to explain this reasoning. >0<;;

Anyway, it’s dinner time.?Bye bee!

Essays Essays and Essays

HondaiMood: Tired but great!
Listening to: Happy Birthday – NEWS
Drinking: –
Reading: My “Exploration” essay
Working on: Revising my “Exploration” essay
Browsing: –
Watching: –

Man! All that has been going on my head is?“revise that essay, yeah! revise that essay, yeah!”?all day. Hahahaha… I’m going crazy. Again, I’m at my college’s computer lab working on hw. I ‘m having troubles revising my own essays because I absolutely suck at writing them! I always do the “assumption” stuff from my sources. So what I write, sometimes, becomes total?BS.

But that’s something I use to get pass my high school essays. Now I’m back writing essays… in college. And I’ve learn that my textbook actually has a section that points out each and every single little problems people usually make when writing essays. My little “assumption” thing is part of the problems started too. We’re force to read this textbook so… I can’t act like I don’t know what it is.?*sigh*?Man. I’m in a pinch.

But guess what? I’m still proud of myself that I’m actually working hard on trying to revise my essay. The old me from?Maple Story Era?would just go like?“Eh, screw this, I’ll just work on it tomorrow”. No more?‘do it tomorrow’?for me now. Do it?now now now!!!?Yeah!|||||

ăŸă ăźć€ą

ă§ă‚‚ă€ă‚ă–ă‚ă‚‹ăšăă€ă€Œă‚ăŁă€ă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šăă‚ŒăŻăŸă ăźć€ąă€‚ă€‚ă€‚ă€ăŁăšæ€ăŁăŸă€‚