Month: December 2008

Year of 2008

I wish I had my old blog entries so I can review this year with more detailed… or even read my end of the year entry last year. But too bad it isn’t possible anymore. For sure this blog entry will still be, eh, pretty long. So sorry! There is no need for you to read it all. But personally I really want to keep these memories.

2008 huh…. so much has happen this year. It went by pretty fast. Isn’t it amazing how time can just past by fast like that? This year started out with me sitting in front of the TV watching the Seattle fireworks. This year’s fireworks had a malfunction, it didn’t sync with the music.

Returned to school on Jan 3rd which is my friend, Soliya’s, birthday. Hmmm… I remembered his birthday because I couldn’t get him anything this year. We we’re pretty close. Well, we still are. Are we? On this year we went on an orchestra field trip. I had a great time. However… after this field trip my friends started to drift away. A gap between the normal class student and the IB student started to form. Finally I became the outcast.

January 25th, 2008 my sweet 16th birthday. Today was the day that I’m obviously forgotten by my supposedly best friend back then, Sachiko. Around the end of the day Sachiko finally ask “Oh, it’s your birthday today right?” Thanks a bunch Princess, I don’t mind not getting a party, gifts or anything. One thing that makes me the most happy on my birthday is hearing the words “Happy Birthday!”.

Around February 10th, 2008 the gate of a new obsession has opened. Welcome SMAP to Hondai’s world. Hahaha After becoming a huge huge huge SMAP fan I started opening myself to become friends with Mei-chan. Around this time Mei-chan me and Johnny boy became the ultimate Trio. For the first time in 5 years, I felt like I had real friends.

Because that gate was open, Ampy and I started watching Dramas. For a Japanese project I did a presentation on Japanese Pop music. I started collecting more and more Japanese music. My Music library grew from around 400 songs it jumped now to 1700+ songs. I discovered J-pop Asia and that became the update of recent Japanese music for me. Around early May I got curious about the group name NEWS. PhotobucketLooking them up on J-pop Asia I found their latest single that is to be release soon at that timeSummer Time!. Funny thing is the pv was shining like “Buy me! Buy me!”falling into the PV trap, I clicked pre-order this CD. Haahh~ Such a fool.

I fell in love with the group NEWS because they are rather entertaining. Funny thing I realized later that that one guy with the smile that always catch my eye in NEWS is the same guy with the guy that catch my eye in Tegomass. Oh oops! Their the same person! Tegoshi Yuya has entered Hondai’s world.

From Feb. to the end of the school year, July. Johnny, me, and Mei-chan along with Ampy were forest friends. We laugh and go crazy during lunch time. We got obsess with the Chopstick love compatibility game and even play the chopsticks “What number are we…” game. Haha our favorite topic NEWS. Screaming when I got #2 when it was Tegoshi. Laughing at Johnny when I got #1 for Ryo. Those days were so much fun I can remember it like yesterday.

March, April, May, June, July went by super fast. Because I became Photobucketfriends with Mei-chan and Johnny, all the darkness that happened in 2007 washed away. Everyday became fun again. I became optimistic again. With Mei-chan we start talking about futures, dreams, and thing like that.

Summer 2008 was the best so far. Went to work the usual Sundays. Go to random places with Ampy. Stopping by Mei-chan’s >house. Exchanging our Sakko diaries. The weather was great to. It felt like summer. Not to mention I had “This is the summer time” going around my head all the time. By the time it’s summer, Hondai has become a Tegoshi Fangirl. (Grr Tego is evil!)

College life started in September. Rainy season has started once again. College classes are fun, but I really miss my friends at highschool. With all my SMAP and NEWS power I made all the friends I could last year. They were forest friends too. But this school year I can’t see them anymore. September-November became lonely again.

This month, December we were hit by a snow storm. Crazy seasons this year. Winter break hasn’t been going well, I got to experience the stress of a working adult. Thinking of house rent, working payments and all those stuff. I start to think more deeply about things. I became more passionate about finding a job I would enjoy. Creating a good future.

Though these past months were a little dull in my memory, I feel like I can make 2008 a brighter place again. With all my will power, I’ll stick to my old friends and make new friends. I can’t wait until Spring and Summer once again.

2008 was a year that made me remember how to smile for my self again. 

Highlights of the Year: Athrun Zala, SMAP, NEWS, Tegoshi Yuya, SUMMER TIME, Deviant Art,, J-Drama, J-pop, College, Johnny’s Entertainment, snow accident, Kiss~Kaerimichi no love song~. Wnk-Up!

🙂 I thank everyone who made this possible. And thank everyone who tried reading this entry. Hahaha

Tomorrow possibly my rankings for 2008 with Ampy. Fweee!!

Working Spree

HondaiMood: Tired
Listening to: Cherish – NEWS
Eating: Rice wasn’t cook D:
Reading: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
Working on: lyrics
Browsing: lang-8
Watching: -Nothing-

My entries has been pretty boring to read. Well, my life has been pretty boring itself. Hoshiru has become pretty dull ): NO! I won’t let this continue Probably because I haven’t been visiting my blog buddies as often. Well, I haven’t been online as often either! Sorry, I’ll try harder coming online.

Well the closer we come to new year the closer we come to the end of my winter break. *sigh* ): I was actually looking forward to a more colorful and exciting Winter Break. Spending my first weeks working extra to buy a certain someone a certain item. Too bad to snow came which made our shop get less customer which means my pay check is late. I’ll probably end up getting not as much as I worked but oh well. I just hope I get enough to buy the item still.

That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing this winter break though. Work, work, work. Can’t go anywhere because of the snow. Ahhh~~ I don’t mind working but the fact that I can’t go anywhere just sucks!

On the other hand, I’m excited for next quarter! Japanese, econ, and Pre-cal 2. Econ and Pre-cal 2 are 2 challenging classes but Japanese will be pretty laid back because I’m a little ahead in class so I think I’ll manage!

You spoke my words

HondaiMood: Glad
Listening to: Fukigen ni naru Watashi -Iwata Sayuri
Eating: Nothing
Reading: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
Working on: –
Browsing: lang-8
Watching😕Yuzu 10th aniversay Natsuiro

Arg, I wish I could post the whole entry here but I would have to ask for “permission” which I’m too lazy to wait before my thoughts become rotten and not fresh. ANYWAY, about today’s topic:?growing up.

This year I’ve been thinking alot about how I use to be and what kind of grown up I want to be. I concluded that I want to be?mature, talented, respectful but still my playful self.?I want to change the bad parts of me and leave the good stuff to be. Last night before I went to bed I was staring at my stuffed bunny doll I had since I was 6 and thought,?“when was the last time I played dolls?”

As I randomly found a J-web translating site I found some entries Tegoshi wrote when he was 17?(around my current age). Apparently he’s been thinking about the same thing at that time. He said “To me becoming an adult is good, I’ve no bad feelings towards it at all.?But I definitely don’t want to lose the child’s heart in me.I want to always be naughty and just doing silly things all the time.Tag. Hide-and-seek. Kicking the can. Police and thief.?All these are games that children have surely played once.

The sentence that just made me very sad was?“As you turn into an adult you don’t play them anymore. It becomes no fun anymore.”?It’s sad because it’s true. Ever since 7th grade I’ve been craving to play ultimate hide and seek. But if I were to play it now, it probably won’t be as fun as I remembered.

I start thinking about not loosing my child heart. It’s fun being a child and being a child makes things fun. When we’re a kid everyday is exciting, there are many new things for us to discover. As we get older we get use to things and we start to get…. bored.

But if you try hard enough, keep reminding yourself what it’s like to have fun like a child. I think you can keep that pure heart. Tegoshi said?“I want to grow up purely”, I really want grow up a pure adult too.

Tegoshi yuya you spoke my words.As my idol works hard to become the adult he wants to be, I’m going to work hard to become the adult I want to be too.|||||

Snow of Death

HondaiMood: scared
Listening to: Atlantis Princess – BoA
Eating: Kao Thom
Reading: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
Working on: –
Browsing: lang-8
Watching: Proposal Daisakusen ep 2

O_O… That’s the expression I had while coming back from work. I was scared! So scared I’ll be honest. So, many of you know where I live.. sorta.. Anyway, right now the west coast of America is being hit by a snow storm. I heard even Vegas is snowing?(a lot?). It doesn’t usually snow a lot here. But now that we’re being hit by a bunch of snow. At my back door next to me I can see around 7-8 inch of snow. Yikes!??I was already amaze by 1 inch of snow 2 days ago.

This storm?needs to stop. While coming back from work our car that wasn’t driving fast just suddenly slid and it start spinning. Apparently there was a truck a little behind us and we were near the wall. We spun around 2 times! At that moment all I saw was lights, the wall, and?ofcourse?snow. We nearly hit some other car but surprisingly we didn’t hit anything. No cars and we were barely an inch away from the wall.

Everything just paused for a sec… then we moved on.

Man. What if I died at that moment? What would have happen? Don’t want to think about it. My life isn’t gunna end that easily like those people who choose to suicide.

Anyway, here’s a little bonus of what my back door looked like yesterday.

Let’s hope tomorrow things get better. Especially the roads. I haven’t gotten my 5 friends Christmas presents and Christmas is in like 4 days. And I have work tomorrow too! AH! どうしよ どうしよ?!?|||||