Month: December 2008

Deviously Hondai

HondaiMood: Artistic
Listening to: Computer City – Perfume
Eating: Pad Tai! <3
Reading: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
Working on: Drawings on PS
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Watching: Proposal Daisakusen ep 2

It snowed today. Yay. We have like an inch of snow..?maybe less.?It didn’t fell so beautifully though. It collected over time. The best part was seeing the traffic forming in front of my house. Hahaha.

Well, today I spent my day being a fatty. sitting in front of the computer all day. Well, atleast I felt like I did something productive though! Here is what I did most f the day.

Faf! I had fun drawing this. Another one I made was last night. Not so artistic. Just tedious.

I made that around 4 in the morning. Uploaded it to deviant. Went to bed. Got up in the morning, it got over 200 views already. I was like?WHAT??So drawings I spend hours working on gets around 40 views in a week. But this random GIF of Tegoshi got 200 views in what, like 4 hours? Grrr… art created with Johnny’s on it can be as evil as neko girls with over sized boobs!! D|<|||||

West Lake

HondaiMood: HAH! XD
Listening to: Niji no Katae (I think I read it right) – Arashi
Eating: HAH! XD
Reading: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
Working on: been working
Browsing: lang-8
Watching: Proposal Daisakusen ep 2

Phew! Well, I can’t sleep and I finally got pictures from my phone on to my computer so I though,?Meh, why not write a more detailed entry about my day in Seattle.

westlakeThis time we went early in the morning. Plus! We got a ride from our parents so ahuhu, it was an easy ride to get there. We started off going to?West Lake Mall. I got 2 rings for myself and 1 hat for Ampy! The hat is very cute. 😀 I’m glad I could pay for Ampy hahaha. We didn’t do much at West Lake, walked around look around at the view. And at the town square there was a Merry-Go-Round! It was so cute! I wish I could ride it but?I had no cash?*punch self *STUPID!* Whatever! It’s for kids anyway!

Anyway, before leaving West Lake to take the underground bus?HAHway, we stop by?DAISO. I had something in mind when I went in this time, hahaha. I’m not that great at managing my money so I thought of buying a cute looking accounting book?(Is that what you call it?)?to keep track of what I spend on and when. This way I can see clearly how?fricken much money I waste on Johnny’s Entertainment?money I spend. While I was in the shop I suddenly heard?“Taiyou no~!”(Hondai’s reaction)?“*BAM!* Namidaaaa~~~”?with the dance. I laughed with joy because they openedNEWS’s Taiyou no Namida.

sha-shing! After paying for that we hopped onto a bus and head to China Town again. We went to Kino Kuniya,?as usual?and get the month?Wink-Up!. This time there was a sale on these little Japanese Novels. Well, well, well, guess what I saw?Twilight?Japanese translated version. Now it’s time for the Japaneses to go on a Vampire wonder adventure and melt over Edward.

I saw many other books that looks so readable! The size is so small, it’s like you can keep it in your pocket. I think the Manga’s here need to change the materials they use. The mangas here are too expensive. D: Well, of course I can always read them online but, >_< I’m not much of a Manga on screen person my eyes end up hurting just after 1 chapter.

PhotobucketWell, on of the books got my attention from it’s title “Uso, uso”. It meant “Lies?” I start thinking “I wonder what the book is about that it’s name is lies lies”“. I tried reading the first page. end up not understanding a single thing. So I put the book down and look at other books. But while trying reading another book I looked back at the “Uso uso” book and I was like “wait on one minute…?this funny looking boy on the cover doesn’t he look a little like…?*tries to read it harder*?“TV.. dorama… NEWS Tegoshi Yuya….?!”?I was just like wth! Then I just remembered that Tegoshi played in a drama called?“Shabake”?before. So it was like “Ohhhhh….”.

After that my mom came by on her way home from work so we decide to eat lunch together the 3 of us. I ate Orange Chicken and Yakisoba noodles. Yum yum! I even ate some Utopia Frozen yogert. *cough cough* oops. Maybe this is why I won’t heal.

Then we rode the bus home together. Wah~ It was a nice day, even though it’s cloudy out… What am I saying, WA is always cloudy! >:O|||||

Winter Break

HondaiMood: So-So
Listening to: Wings or Word – Chemistry
Eating: Frozen Yogurt!
Reading: –
Working on: –
Browsing: lang-8
Watching: Ryuusei no Kizuna ep 7

Yep! Winter break 2008 has officially start of me. Nothing interesting really. The first day, which was yesterday, I spend sleeping almost all day. It was dark and cloudy. I did my daily push-ups and I even finish creating my personal journal. Even gave the?Hoshiru Network?page a tiny revamp.

Today,?on the other hand?I got up early in the morning and head carpooled with my parents.?Ampy?had to go do some document stuff at her college. After Ampy was done with her business we went around downtown again. Seattle is such a nice city. The Holiday feeling sure was floating around. It was nice!

Then again, of course, Downtown Seattle means Kino kuniya. Kino kuniya means this month’s?Wink Up!?This time NEWS was on the cover <3 So I was happy. 😀 I haven’t plan much on what I want to do this Winter Break. I have to think of some activities out side that doesn’t evolve much money.?Hmmmmm…. now what would that be?

Also, Ampy and I have been watching this Japanese drama name?Ryuusei no Kizuna. It originally was a famous Japanese novel, now adapted to a drama. It’s a story about 3 orphan siblings who got their parent kill when they were young. 2 more weeks to the finally of the drama. I can’t wait!|||||


HondaiMood: Happy
Listening to: Love So Sweet – Arashi
Eating: (I’m hungry)
Reading: Reflection Essay
Working on: Final English Writing Portfolio
Browsing: Deviant Art
Watching: Scrap Teacher ep. 6

Lately, I’ve having random dreams. I guess, that’s how dreams should actually be. I usually have so many dreams that has a storyline, I’m tempted to make my a personal dream blog just for fun. Posting all my dreams here will just kill everyone, hahaha.

Well, yesterday while I was waiting to see my adviser, I discovered that tegoshi [dot] net was available to buy. Uhh…. Hondai here is very tempted to buy it. I told Ampy and she said?“What are you going to do with it? A site about him?”. Then I just went?“…”?…?“I don’t know I can post my drawings there like?Tsuki’s site. Doesn’t have to be about Tegoshi right?”.?“Don’t buy it then!”. Ouch! Ampy is right. Now, why buy such a domain name if I’m not going to use it for a purpose? But because I kept thinking about what I can do with that domain name all night, I had a dream of myself making a graphic site providing graphics of Tegoshi and NEWS members.


I barely have time or the inspiration to work on True Magic graphics! So slap me and make sure I don’t buy it. But as a thought, making a NEWS graphics and shrine website won’t be a bad idea if I do have time. o_O Maybe then, if the domain is not taken, I’ll get it.

Well, right now I’m working on my?English Portfolio. After I turn this in, I’m done for Fall Quarter! Yay!?PssstI got a?2.6?on Pre-cal I D: Is this bad? I feel like it’s bad….|||||