Day: January 22, 2009

Buyer, Seller

HondaiMood: Calm and cool. 🙂
Listening to: Computer City – Perfume
Eating: Omuraisu Thai Style! (เข้าใข่เจียว)
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Playing: Final Fantasy III (DS)
Browsing: Lang-8
Watching: Back to the Future II & III

Has it ever happen to you? A class that you enjoy and find interesting but you still can’t do good in it? Well, that happens to me all the time. Social Studies and Science. I never do good in these class no matter how hard I try! My mom always tell me “You are probably not studying it right” well… I think she’s right.

Today we had an online class experiment in our Microeconomics class. It was a ton of fun! In the first experiment we had to play as a buyer or seller. And we get a price value for each role. The first role I got was a seller with a price value of $28.00. It’s low, which mean I can make a lot of profit. And I did! lol In the end I made $59.04 profit. Woohooo! Here’s a link of what the experiment looked like. I didn’t do as well as a buyer though. It was kinda harder as a buyer.

The 2nd experiment we had price floors and ceilings!! When I was a buyer in the 2nd experiment my value was $51 and the price floor was $50. Which means the most profit I could have made was $1.00 DX what the heck! Well, in the end I made the most profit I could… $5.00. Haha It was fun anyway.

Oh! And today Ampy and I watched Back to the Future II&III at home. Ahh~ How much I love that movie! I grew up watching that movie so many times and I still enjoy it so much! Well, it’s no wonder why I grow up using words like the 80’s. Words like Butt head. XD

Sorry this blog entry is kinda o_O Confusing, random and maybe boring. Oh well! Happy weekend!

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Gifts Already?

HondaiMood: Happy!
Listening to: また恋いましょう – myco of Changin’ My Life
Eating: –
Reading: Freakonomics
Working on: Econ.
Browsing: Lang-8
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It’s not even my birthday yet! But Ampy decided to give me my gifts early just in case tomorrow and Sunday doesn’t work out well. BUT, before getting my gifts she made me play a puzzle game to get the 4 key words. (At first I didn’t even know why I was playing the game XD I thought she just made the game for fun)

The four keywords I finally unlocked was Mr. Super Simple, Color NEWS, Mushroom, and Aquarius.Yay! I won my prize. It was my birthday present.

Mr. Super Simple was the eraser called Tottemo Kantankun. XD
Color NEWS was of course NEWS! The album, Color limited addition! Yesh!!! It’s so… so… so beautiful *0*
Mushroom was the Sour Cherry candy in the mario mushroom container X3
Aquarius was the Aquarius astrology book. Hahaha, Ampy knows I like reading this stuff.

TT___TT It makes me very happy indeed.|||||