Month: April 2009

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi

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First of all, J-pop fan or not, it’s news all over the world. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi of my dearest, most favorite group ever SMAP has been reported being drunk and naked and yelling at the police “What’s wrong with being naked!!!”

… Dang Tsuyo-pyon, keep the alcohol down will ya? I love Tsuyoshi as much as I love all the other members in SMAP. Did he disappointed me? Yes. Do I hate him now? No. I personally don’t mind him being suspended for a year before going back to work. But I just want him to be back doing all his SMAPxSMAP stuff, going on variety shows, singing, dancing and getting ready for a new single for us SMAP fans. 🙁 But for what he has done is very bad not only for the entertainment world but also Japan in general. (it’s hard to explain) I’m actually expecting the worse. SMAP as SMAP will no longer be here for us. What ever happened “We’ll be together yours ever, SMAP?!” TT___TT

I was actually going to talk about last weekend’s Sakura Matsuri I went to but, I don’t have time anymore. Going to the mall with Saki and Oni! <3|||||

Thai New Year

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First of all, Happy New Year! to Thai, Cambodians and Laotians around the world! 🙂 I think I mentioned this many times but, I love new years! Though, right now Thailand is a huge mess. It’s so scary, I don’t even want to talk about it. So much for ไทยนี้รักสงบ (Us Thai love peace). I love Thailand, but why do we turn out like this right now? How crazy is that?! I love how Thai people have strong sense of pride, but sometimes the this strong pride just goes wrong 🙁

So spring quarter started and I’m much happier about things now, I wonder why. Maybe it’s Maple Story? Is this happiness temporary or is it real? Is what I’m doing right??? I hope I’m not too addicted. I’ll admit I play around 1-3 hours a day now >_< but I do get everything in school done. Well, if things get out of control, I’m sure I can handle it this time. Unlike the past. 🙂 Only thing that sucks now is that I’m not keeping some promises!!! *cough cough*Art trades and True Magic. I’m sorry! I did discover one thing though~ Before you want to make someone else happy, make yourself happy first.

Well, I hope I get my lazy butt out soon and update the graphics I have onto True Magic!|||||