Month: May 2009

Guilds Guilds

HondaiMood: Fighting!
Listening to: Me Muero – Utada
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Reading: Case Closed
Working on: Chemistry Group Project
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Blogging about Maple Story… how Hondai-like. Well, anyway, TrueMagic generation 3 broke apart somewhat. Well, 2 significant members left the guild to make their own and asked to alliance with us. Well, I don’t really mind that but, they’re stealing members! So far 3 other significant members quitted the guild to join them.

And now we’re alliance so they can talk to our guild members. Do you think that’s fair? I felt like it wasn’t… It took Stan and I so much effort recruiting people. Seems like Stan is taking it harder than I am though… He’s totally ignoring them in Alliance Chat. Stan said he’d never leave TrueMagic, that makes me very happy. 🙂 Though, never say never! You never know, but thanks anyway Stanley and your manliness.

How many more weeks of school for you? Counting from today, I have exactly 2 weeks of school left! OH SUMMER COME TO ME~!!! <33 I really need a 2 month chillax time! But these 2 weeks I’ll be hanging on a strong before I drop into the dead den. Next week’s schedule is jam pack!.

Monday – Group Meeting/presentation in Public Speaking
Tuesday – Japanese Class/Chemistry test/Chemistry Group meeting
Wednesday – Chemistry Group meeting/Registration crap!
Thursday – Chemistry Presentation/commemorative speech stuff
Friday – Work

I love being college yet hate it at the same time. Every time I walk into the highschool I feel so… unwelcomed?? Whatever 😛 I’m typing this entry at my highschool library. Hahaha~! No one will bring the Hondai of TrueMagic down!!!

Ps. I have plans for a new website during summer! I shall work on it once summer comes along :)|||||

Familiar with the Unfamiliar

HondaiMood: Strange
Listening to: May 15, 2009
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Reading: Skip Beat! Vol. 18
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Watching: Arashi Videos

As I listened to my Chemistry lecture yesterday, a sudden strange thing came up to me. I start asking myself“What am I doing here?” Why did I failed this test? Why does everyone around me seem so foreign? It was something so strange that I went back home totally silent.

The last time I remembered not caring about how I do in school was in 6th grade. Everything was fun, I didn’t have to study much and I’d get a good grade anyway. School was all about “What should we do during lunch today?” Many times, I’m still stuck in that past. But looking at reality, here I am a high school student lost in a mist of college students. To be honest, I’m jealous of those people who get to interact with people their own age at school. All the friends I meet here in college are busy with their own lives. Everyone has their own schedule… including myself. We talk and have fun in class but that’s about it. I got so use to it that I wonder if other people my age is use to something like this.

People say the youngest in the family is usually the spoiled one. But not really… I’m forced to mature along my other siblings. Taking SAT prep classes when I’m in 7th grade (when it doesn’t even help!!!) and having a part-time job in 8th grade? 🙁 what the heck is up with that?

Then I remembered why I went back to play Maple Story. The hellish game I forbidden myself from playing it for over 2 years. I logged on and people and many people say “Hi! How are you?”, and my lonely, boring and forcefully socialess life is cured away.

Good days are good, bad days are bad. You need a good day to have a bad day, in exchange if you have a bad day you’ll get a good day too. Hang in there, this is life.|||||

A Smack of Reality

HondaiMood: Tired
Listening to: Kireina Uta – Abe Mao
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Reading: High School Debut Vol. 9!
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Watching: Tsumiki no Ie (La Maison en Petis Cubes)

Haha, I’ve done it this time. Here’s the scoop, nearly 10 hours of Maple Story on Sunday after noon and 5 hours last night. Whoa there whoa! Well now Hondai, you have just earned yourself a suspension from Maple Story until Friday. Well in 14 hours, I leveled my Fighter from level 64-69cleric from 31-36, and my sin from 50-51. Maple Anniversary is so addicting! Hahaha… If you think that’s a lot my friend Stan who was 75 is now 86. Hmm probably 90 already by now?

Anyway, it’s time to smack back into reality. I’m busy this week and I haven’t realized that I missed my orthodontist appointment yesterday. I studied so hard for my Chemistry test but in the test, I couldn’t do much. I didn’t study my kanji, so I forgot how to write the Kanji for name -> 名前(namae) so I ended up writing 名舞(namai) on the test. Epic Fails. DX

I enjoy Chemistry but Chemistry doesn’t enjoy me
Me & My lovely chem book

Ps. Utada is sick so she canceled her visits to shops. I was soo looking forward to it!!!|||||

May is here

HondaiMood: Sleepy
Listening to: Come Back to Me – Utada
Drinking: water
Reading: High School Debut
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Hello May~ it’s raining like crazy here. Well.. it always rains in Seattle so nothing special I guess. Gradually I’m beginning to appreciate my own existence more. My blues are gone!!! I’m never lonely anymore because I keep playing Maple Story. God dangit! I remember saying “I’m not gunna make a maple friend!!” But the next thing you know, I have a very close friend on maple already. Hello Mister Stan. I think a lot of people get the wrong idea about us. We’re both not interest in having an online relationship. But people(guild mates) keeps picking on us. Oh god please stop! DX

Oh! Great news to your way~!! I’m going to get to meet Utada Hikaru next Friday!!! I was jumping with joy when I heard she was coming to Seattle!!! I love Utada. I love her songs! I’m very very excited to meet her. I hope I do, there must be a big crowd going since Seattle is a place full of Asians. The thing is, I hope new fans come to see her too!!!

Imagine if NEWS was coming to Seattle. O_O … okay, no. I don’t wanna imagine that. I’d probably faint if I see Tegoshi. XD My friend Mei-chan even had a dream that I faint when I meet Tegoshi. lol!!! Just thinking about him makes me smile. When I hear his voice I shiver with joy. It makes me feel like a creep. I wish I could love someone near me like that! It’s pure and innocent. It reminds me of my first love ♥ (did I ever mention that Tegoshi is very much alike with my first love? Hahaha)|||||