Month: August 2009

Phone luck much?

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aslkdfjalsdkfj First of all, I finally got the new Tegomass Album!!!!. Yes, yes, yes!!! Tegoshi, Masuda, I love youuuuuuuu! The new album is so great! But really I have to admit, Tegomasu probably has the 2nd best songs out of johnny’s ;D #1 is still SMAP of course. Hahaha

Well, that’s not what I wanted to blog about, what I wanted to blog about is my luck with cellphones. Or should I say no luck? Let’s see when it all began. I got my first cellphone when I was in 5th grade. It was a motorola T190 still the best phone ever imo 🙂 but anyway, after having that phone for around 2 months I lost it … while playing hide and seek with my friends. I was lucky the kid who found it returned to me. Thank you!!! Dx

Well, after that phone I moved to the US and I got a Samsung phone. The phone was cool and all but then one day I was in a hurry to get on the bus, I dropped it. And guess what, the screen became half broken… I lived with that half broken screen for a whole 2 years. :/

After 2 years I FINALLY got another new phone, a new spiffy looking Sony Ericsson phone, with a perfect screen. I was so happy I could see what I was doing on my phone, I downloaded so many themes to use with it. xD Then one day during 10th grade, I forgot it in my orchestra classroom. I never saw that phone ever since. 🙁

So my dad got me a new sim and I bought a cheap Nokia phone. I used it for a bit and my dad offer to switch phones with him, woop! I just got myself a awesome samsung phone. 😀 I used it all through out last year, then lately it has been having reception problems. So I switched with my brother’s Sony Ericson phone. His phone’s buttons were broken tho … atleast I can make phone calls and txt. But then on the 3rd day of using it, I was texting my friend and then I started seeing smoke coming out from the phone. O_O so … that was the end of that phone.

Then my dad let me borrow his at most favorite Nokia phone, because he’s going to switch to another phone. The phone was cool, it works properly and all! I’m happy with just that. But then last friday I went to 7/11 to buy some nx for 2x exp event on Maple Story. And guess what, I dropped my phone when I was in a hurry to catch the last bus to get home just in time. That phone is now long gone ….

So now I got a new sim and I’m back with my Samsung phone that finally is working properly! Yesterday after fixing my state ID photo and information, amp and I went around town for a bit. We were gunna stop by Mei-chan’s house then when I was about to txt her, I realize … my phone is no longer with me. I had dropped it on the bus once again. This time Amp made a map plan of which bus is possible to be the bus that we rode before. 1st bus … wasn’t it 2nd bus … wasn’t it … 3rd bus wasn’t it. Then we decided to go home. When the 4th bus came, we recognized the crazy bus driver that I lost my phone in, so Amp tried asking him about my phone.

THANK GOD I GOT MY PHONE BACK. I seriously want to thank who ever turned the phone in. T^T it makes me so happy how good people still exist around. Ahhhh!! But why why why do I always have bad things happen to my phone! I guess I’m just too careless about these things. Strangely, never once I lost my iPod.

Listen to the Radio

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Lately I’ve been a little obsess with browsing local radio channels. I found out some good channels and some funny ones. xD Makes me wonder if anyone listens to the radio anymore? Because being a DJ seems like something fun. Don’t you think?

If I was a DJ, I might be a little bias and play too many of my favorite songs. Spam my audience with SMAP and NEWSness. Just kidding. I might be a huge fan of SMAP and NEWS but I have many other favorite songs other than by them. >.< It’s funny how a lot of people think that they are the only thing I listen to. My friend was super surprise when I burned her a CD of songs that I usually listen to (which was 600+ songs). I didn’t tell her tho that those were only the ones I usually listen to. Haha, well probably 20% of the songs were SMAP and NEWS.

Well, I always would like to hear about your favorite artists/songs. I really want to expand my music library with variety kinds of music. 🙂 Thet way I’ll know what type of music I truely love. XD

Ps. it’s my MS friend’s birthday today! 😀 HAPPY BIRTHDAY STAN!. Best wishes to him, even though I feel like … he … hates me now but oh well. Hahaha. 16 years old huh, sooo young! <3|||||