Month: September 2011

First Day of School

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Today was the first day of classes for me. Surprisingly Autumn Quarter started out with a sunny day. That’s rare in the Seattle area, hah.

I had to go to school early because I realize I had to buy a course package for my Japanese class (though it turned out no one had it in class anyway @_@). While I was on the bus on the way to school, there was this old lady who sat next to me in front. Apparently she wrecked her car and so she decide to ‘learn’ public transportation. For some reason, the old lady got her route wrong and is freaking out. While the bus driver is trying so hard to help her get back to where she want to go and calm her down +_=; She keeps repeating “Public transportation is so complicated… So complicated.”  Its much easier if you hop on the internet and use trip planner + google maps but I asume she’s not tech-savy. What a generation gap..

About my classes? I’ll summarize them.

  1. Japanese Quiz Section,自己紹介をして、漢字を復習しました
  2. M E, Solidworks, ZzZzz (got there late because I stop by the bathroom. Black tea with too much caffeine = bad stomach day.)
  3. Japanese History, not so bad ^_^

After class Max and I grab some crepes. Then stop by the video game club/night. I joined some of the members in a game of LoL(dominion). We Won! It was a ton of fun.

Now I’m just doing homework and re-copying my misplaced notes . ふぅぅ~そして、明日もう一度繰り返します。

Pod Casts

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Reading: Gakuen alice
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I feel a little sad that I had to work today. Not that I hate work or anything, its just that today was one of the last sunny days for my summer vacation thats ending in less that a week. I want to cry ;A ;

So I recently decide to browse the iTunes store, I went to a Japanese one to explore music. Then I thought of checking out the podcasts. I found a rather interesting one called Dream Theater. So pretty much this girl name Nana brings in guests and talks to them. These guests are Jpop artists so, some of her guests I know! It makes me happy. x) I don’t fully understand Japanese, but I do get the sense of it. Also the fact that I love listening to people talk! It gives me the ‘radio’ feel. I don’t hear many great radio talk shows nowaday so I guess pod casts serfice.

Do you guys have a favourite podcast? Do you guys listen to podcasts?  If you do please let me know! ^_^

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Worthy Music

HondaiMood: Proud
Listening to: 「恋愛写真」大塚愛
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Reading: Gakuen Alice, Pretty Face (finished!)
Watching: Usagi Drops (finished!)

So its 5:41 in the morning, what am I doing? I’m making a music playlist before I go to bed. Sadly I’ve been at it for 2 hours now. Today, I’ve been looking at my music library at a different aspect though. I’d admit, there are many songs in my library that I didn’t get legally, but some I did bought with my very own money, and a few that I wish I added to my physical CD collection.

After all that, I decided to make a list of my top 4 J-pop Albums + 1 nonjpop. And I believe it was worth my money (or would have been worth). This isn’t base on my music fling at the moment, but base on the statistics I’ve analyzed.  Okay, lets get it going!

Otsuka Ai Love Letter

1. 大塚愛(Otsuka Ai)'s LOVE LETTER 2008

 Not to get mix up with BoA’s LOVE LETTER single (though that singles also pretty good) , This Album is my utter most favorite of all time. The most notable songs in the Album are ポケット(poket), One x Time, and 君フェチ.  that said, I can proudly say I love ALL the songs in this album.

This album was overall a great balance of romantic ballad, touching ballad, happy go luck , relaxing, and sexy/cute.  Though its pretty obvious Otsuka was experimenting in this album, it still brings out the best of her.

Abe Mao Free

2. 阿部真央 (Abe Mao)'s ふりぃ(Free) 2009

Free.. Abe Mao’s debut album is one of the best random get ever.  I seriously have no notable songs in this Album because I’ll be naming more than half of the album.

This album contains mostly, guitar/sing type of song. They’re cheerful rock, some are very bubbly and some are very crazy. Its deffinitelyy worth a listen.

People describe Abe Mao as a mix of Yui and Otsuka Ai, but to me she’s nothing like either of them. She’s her own kind. She composes her music, sings on her guitar (and piano). She has such a great voice and unique singing style!


3. SMAP's Super.Modern.Artistic.Performance 2008

This is when I start becoming biased. People claim that SMAP can’t sing. A few days ago I spent time thinking about that and realize… thats not true, thats only Nakai-kun =w=..

Well anyway about SMAP’s s.m.a.p album, this is SMAP’s first album thats not summer featured. Which made the music choice much more flexible. My favorites in this album are Anata no Tameni Dekiru Koto, Last Smile, and Douka todokimasu youni.  All of these songs are HipHop beat Jazzay pop songs. The other songs in the album are quite random, like Kokoro Puzzle Rythm is a very Perfume-ish song because it was written by the same person. Then you have a spin off of Ave Maria which is actually pretty cool.

If you want to listen to something Japanesey chill pop with love lyrics, I think this album will do it.  But really, please atleast listen to Anata no Tameni Dekiru Koto. ^_^

Hinouchi emi

4. 日之内エミ (Hinouchi Emi)'s ME...

 This is supposedly Emi’s Final Album. The sales on this album will determined whether her agency will continue producing her music or not. Emi did end up in Hiatus, but now she’s back!

I can’t believe this album didn’t sell well. I blame it on poor marketing.  This album is filled with Summer feel Japanese HipHop Heaven!  I trashed only 2 songs in this album.  But that’s only 2 out of 16 songs. 14 songs is still a full lenght album.

So if you know what Japanese overground hiphop sounds like, you should expect that in this album. However, the feeling I get from most of the song is relaxing and LOVE.  Some notable songs would be Heart feel vacances [a very summery relaxing song], 愛だけが(Ai dake ga)[romantic ballad with acoustic guitar], and  片想い(Kataomoi)[R&B type pop].

David Choi's By My Side

So heres my non-jpop album that I probably listen to over 1000 times. David Choi’s just amazing! I love his lyrics the most. Its very… very honest. Love songs, ahh I sure love love songs. Haha

Incase you didn’t know David Choi, he’s a Youtuber who composes, sings, and plays his guitar. Most of his song’s music is nicely mixed. If you’re a girl in love, do get this album! Haha

Most of his song is Acoustic guitar, singing, love songs. Yep. I think that sums it up.


HondaiMood: Happy
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Playing: Nada
Reading: Pretty Face / I am here!
Watching: Hanasaku Iroha 25

My body is sore~ This just shows how much I haven’t been exercising. 2 days ago, I felt extremely sluggish, so I decide to dance like a crazy person. Okay, not that crazy, I did do random dance, jump around push-ups and sit-ups though. Now my body is sore~

Today I spent my day with my friend Justine. We finally got to hangout before school starts! Since she’s not local here, I decide to take her to Bellevue Square. Bellevue Square is a pretty big fancy mall. There isn’t much to do there, but there is quite a lot to see. The thing about Justine is we met in math class last winter. She’s one of the girls in my math quiz section who decided to group together. I didn’t thought we would become more than just classmates but some how we did. We always had small talk after class before we move on to our own thing.

Its funny how Justine claims that she has a hard time talking to people a lot of times. That’s same for me actually, but for some people you just click with and you aren’t embarrass about what you say, and you feel like you can be yourself around them. I feel like I don’t put enough effort on trying to become closer to her. I should cherish people like her and make her part of my forest friends (^□^)ノ !