Month: September 2011

Rainbow Nails

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Yay! Finally I tried and didn’t fail a nail-art design. Last time I had pretty nail art were these strawberry ones. And.. I totally didn’t do those myself. Max did them for me ^_^ I got so many compliments for that haha. Anyway, the other day I found this nail art channel on youtube via Cali’s blog entry and this one rainbow nailart I saw was super cute and I wanted to try it.

aren’t they cute?! Well anyways today Max and I went to RITE-AID and I saw these stripers so I’m like… I’m doing this! So this is my final product of my nails. I added a little twist to my own and add some disco ball glitter on it to cover my mistakes.

Rainbow nails Closeup

Close up of the nails.. kinda blurry though 🙁

I don’t really have a good camera so sorry the pictures are kinda blurry/not clear and simply useless. And the stripers I got.. the yellow color has the name ‘Morning Breath‘. Not sure why you would name a color that.. I don’t think Morning Breath is suppose to be a positive thing. Its a perfect yellow but why does it have a weird name! All nail polish has rather funny & fancy names. Same with make up colors >.< its so ridiculous.

We Were There

In love,
timing is everything.

If you can’t
convey your feelings
at that crucial moment,

Even fate will pass you by.

また Miss Fortune

I can’t believe I’m blogging more about League of Legends again. But anyways, lately its been much more fun because I get to play with my friends. Today I was playing with  my High School (now college) friends. First game we played together we lost so badly. =w= so badly… I played Lux and lane with Jett’s (epic)Garen but then we had to go against Orienna and Fiddles. Oh they were such a pain. Especially Orienna, she’s like lux… but better lol.

After losing that game, all 5 of us decide to play again. This time I decide to play Miss Fortune and hopefully carry the team. Tom who was playing carry last time switch to Alister (tank/support) which kept me alive after team battles. I went mid against Twisted Fate, and all went well went well 😉

Score Board


This time with my Road Warrior Miss Fortune  skin too. Heee.

Miss Fortune ♥

Lately I’ve been playing on my smurf account (league of legend noob account).. Even then, I keep losing! I started feeling down @_@ but today Jimmy asked if I wanted to join in a game. I thought… Hey, why not. For once I’ll play a normal game on my normal account. The Results?

LoL game Scoreboard

Miss Fortune Reeepe

I’m xManami just in case you can’t tell. Throughout the entire game we were losing on the kill counts. Their Teemo and Tristana was freekish scary. But our team worked very well together. (besides our Katarina who spent the entire game jungling). I wish I recorded the game. It would be so much fun watching the replay.  25 kills 10 deathes 4 assist. 

Ah~ Got to love Miss Fortune when she’s fed ♥