Month: October 2011


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Warning: Extreme Fangirl Rant


I have mix feelings about NEWS’s change. So just incase some of you guys don’t know NEWS. They are a Japanese boy band with 6 people in it. My most favorite band (if you don’t count SMAP AHAHA).  So 2 of the most popular members Nishikido Ryo  and Yamashita Tomohisa aka: Yamapi left the group. How can this be? >_< Yamapi is the leader of the group for god sake. Arg. I thought it would have been 6 people NEWS forever and til the end. I guess not

I’m not as angry as it seems but I’m just sad that the posters in my room with 6 people NEWS is the past now. Listening to Hoshi wo Mezashite and Share would just feel wrong. Especially Share. The thing about this song Share is each members wrote their part of the lyrics themselves. So if 2 of the owner lyrics is missing.. I don’t know, I guess it’ll still work out.

I did notice that the group didn’t quite hand that ‘bond’ in them like other groups. Whenever NEWS appears in TV shows its always Tegoshi, Masuda, Kouyama, and Shige anyways. Ryo is always busy with Kanjani8 (another boyband) and Yamapi is busy with solo work. So it became a joke NEWS is just the 4 Koyashige x Tegomasu.

No more Yamapi and no more Ryo means, no more ‘UMA~I oishi’ jokes, no more Ryo x Tegoshi joint birthday parties during tour (since their birthday is very close), no more Ryo bullying Shige like a big brother, no more Ryo rock solo ;A ; , no more Yamapi rap then Tegoshi’s beautiful solo cutting right in in Snow Express (who the hells going to take over that part? Its my favorite NEWS performance of all times! Dx), no more Yamapi ‘yays’. Ahh too many things.

But.. I’m actually still excited about 4 people NEWS. Because my favorite member is still in there Tegoshi Yuya!!! Also, KoyaShige concert moments are always something fans look forward to in concerts. We still have Kei-nii-chan (Koyama) ^_^ and ofcourse the utterly awkward Massu <3. So like I said, mix feelings.

Ofcourse I’ll still follow Yamapi & Ryo. Probably not much for Ryo though since I don’t follow Kanjani much. And support NEW NEWS to the MAX! >:D!

3 ちゅ! ❤

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Today is the 3rd of the month. Its a special day for me. I’ll just say this, I love Max so much >.< Ahhh! Its been over a year and a half and I still love him so much. Ahh Ahh! okay enough of that.  Ahh! I feel like rolling around in my bed with my lil Zou’s. Anyways…

So since the 1st day of school, everyday, someone odd has to happen.

  1. Day 1 ⇒ was explained last blog. Well… I had a pretty bad stomach ache that day
  2. Day 2 ⇒ I was locked out of my lab class. I couldn’t get the code number right x_x. There was something else too but I don’t remember Dx
  3. Day 3 ⇒ retarded buses! I had to run a mile + 4 floors to get to my Japanese class. Thank god I knew how to say 「遅くなってすみませんでした」After that I keep taking the wrong bus home because I was extremely seleepy @_@
  4. Day 4 ⇒ I lost my pencil case ): The sushi-thumb-drive in there had most of True Magic’s remodeling files too. Thank god most of it is uploaded.
So I hope tomorrow or so I’m going to get it back. I’m thinking of e-mailing my TA if she’s seen it after class if tomorrow I don’t see it at the Lost/Find ); hopefully she did because when I went back afterward, I couldn’t find it.