Month: November 2011

Thanksgiving & Vindictus

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Yesterday was Thanksgiving.. so Happy late Thanksgiving everyone! My Thanksgiving was pretty good. Had Dim Sum for lunch, best dim sum place thus far <3 and came home to start preping for dinner!

I didn’t do much of the cooking at all. Mostly cleaning the house because the guests come. And yes! This year we had a special guest ….. *drumrolls* The one and only Max! Fufufu~ Finally made him come to our family events and it went better than I thought! Though ofcourse we had awkward moments.. especially when my mom was telling him stories I told him before. Hahaha

NOW that Thanksgiving is over, it means back to homework homework homework! x_x ….. wahh.. I want to cry. This quarter hasn’t been going so well. I mean.. I’m doing pretty well in Japanese class but for my other 2 classes, especially Japanese history… so bad… very bad. I hope the curve saves me. I really really really hope it does….

Also another good news!! I got my Vindictus account unbanned Ahooo hooo hooo~! I sent a ticket to Nexon about a week ago, expecting them to reply 4-5 months later… turns out it was much much faster than I thought. Trust me, it was a miracle. Hahaha So now I’m back playing Vindictus >_< I have to admit, I still like it better than Dragon Nest… The battle system is just so so so much better. though the dungeons may seem linear sometimes, but.. I don’t know. =.=;; I just can’t get myself to be into Dragon Nest …

Well back to homework for me. I decided to update since Tsu Tsu was nudging me on Facebook to update xDD Hahaha I really should update this more often. It just gets quite difficult because more people I know in person reads this so… you get what I’m trying to say *-*




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I’ve been feeling like, I wish I was more selfish and less selfless. Its just something in me that if someone seems unhappy I feel like its my fault and it makes me extremely unhappy too. I can’t be happy if someone else is not. Its just so.. so hard.

But anyways, by what I mean being more selfish is like… careless about other people. Careless about how they feel. Because in reality, yourself is all you need. That’s what I think at least. If you do need other people, its more of a job thing, which its force down on to everyone anyways. But in private, people can be fine all by themselves.

I find being by my self.. I mean I don’t feel shy going to the movies myself.. or shopping with myself.. but when theres people I care about, its hard to feel like “I don’t want to leave you out” kinda deal. But when the person doesn’t WANT to do it, it gets me mad.

thats when my selfishness kicks in.


unfinished post that I decide to publish 1/3/2017