Month: August 2016

How Hello Hannah Cho Saved Me

I discovered Hannah Cho during my college years around 2011. She just happened to pop-up as a suggested video from one of my own vlogs and I decided to watch her. I got addicted to watching her WOMMITMOL’s series just because it was short, precise, and straight out entertaining while I “do my homework”.

After I graduated from College, you guys all know I’ve struggled to make a career out of my degree and at some point I’ve become totally lost in my life direction. I hopped jobs and have long periods of unemployment and got extremely depressed as to where my life is going. I got even more depressed when I found myself cyber stalking my peers on Facebook. I look at current college students; jealous that they have a goal, a structure in their life, and are still full of potential. Then the peers that graduated all seem to have another goal in life; continuing their education or starting out a career pertaining to their degree. I even have a friend that successfully started his own business in his hometown (That’s amazing)!

Now here is where Hannah Cho comes into the picture. What I am about to write might come off as rude but I want you guys to understand that this is a wonderful thing. After I graduated I kinda stop watching Youtubers for a while just because I was so busy with work and Youtube was always just a time killer. But during my downtime while I was unemployed I connected with Hello Hannah Cho again. I found out that despite her being so bright and smiley all the time, her life isn’t all cupcakes and rainbows as you would imagine. She’s just a girl figuring things out in life. She has her struggles too. That’s when I’ve come to realization that I am not struggling alone. To me, Hannah Cho is one of the coolest people I know on Youtube. She’s very real, and down to earth.

The fact that she’s brave enough to share the dark and cloudy side of her life has helped me overcome all my own negative thoughts. I’m looking at Hannah going through her post divorced life, dealing with change,  unemployment, and at the end of the day in front of the camera, she makes it feel like everything is going to be okay. Just because her status is not “prestige” to the standards that was implemented in my head, to me, her value as a human being is still held high.  I never judge Hannah for how she lives her life, so what makes me think it matters if anyone out there is judging me. Watching her videos has cleared the cloud in my heart and pushed me to get back on my feet. I’m working at an office job that has absolutely nothing with my degree and I’m loving life. As for my Japanese endeavors and other passions, that can be my side project for now. It can continue to be the things I do for fun. I wouldn’t call Hannah my lifestyle idol but I notice that when I was going through these depressions of having to grow up, Hannah Cho comes to mind and I know, I will be okay.

I feel grateful for Hannah sharing her story and if you’re like me, a struggling millennial, my advice to you is do anything you can to get back on your feet but never forget the person you are. Do what you love and love what you do. Not everything in life is going to be what you wanted, but really, it’s not so bad. It’s not so bad at all.

Perfume – MY TOP 10

So I heard from Twitter that Perfume is going on tour in the US, AGAIN! In fall of 2014 I had the chance to go see them in SF but I decided not to because work….. work. 🙁

So I’m wondering if I am going to regret not going again. Perfume is at their prime (they’ve been at their prime for a long while) and they just keep going up. They have been one of my favorite artists for years. My hairstyle is semi-inspired by Kashiyuka of Perfume and you know how much I care about my hair (thats almost just as much as I care about Perfume LOL). I don’t want to miss the chance but I also don’t really have the money to go. Maybe sometimes it’s okay to miss out on things.. Ahh the FOMO life.

Either way, in tribute to my love for Perfume, I guess I’ll do my top 10 favorite Perfume songs of all time because I LOVE LISTINGS.


Nocchi, Kashiyuka, A~chan.. aren’t they adorable!?!

10th: Computer City

One of Perfume’s older songs, I think Computer City was my first favorite Perfume song. It starts out strong and eases into a nice electro pop beat. I also love, love, love, love the music video for this song. I think the Dream Fighter music video, also by Perfume, is literally a remake of Computer City’s music video.

9th: Chocolate Disco

Ah, Chocolate Disco, whose first Perfume song was NOT Chocolate Disco. This song is so loved by many people, although to me it came off pretty annoying because the constant “cho-ko-re-i-to dis-ko” in the song but hey, the song is catchy, cute, and the anthem of Perfume and Valentines in Japan.

8th: Macaroni

Macaroni! My first slow-type song for Perfume. It’s a nice rainy daysong. I got really into this song while listening to it, holding my umbrella and walking in the rain. I think this song really showcased the girls singing while still keeping that electronic Perfume image for them.

7th: 575

575 is so clever. You pretty much can write any haiku and sing it to 575’s tune. Honestly, it took me awhile to get why the song was even named 575, until one day in Japanese linguistics class we talked about haiku, go-shichi-go… then I’m like OH…… Anyways, another thing about this song that I got so hyped about is that it was for the IIDA Lightpool phone commercial. Those phones were so cute!! I’ve always wanted one. This song is another /kinda/ mellow late-night feel song with a nice beat.


575 used to IIDA lightpool commercial

6th: One Room Disco

I think One Room Disco is about a young adult moving into their new studio apartment. To me, at fist, was about me dancing and the bathroom while I get ready lol. This song’s pretty empowering for me because it makes me feel like everything is going to be okay. You may be alone, starting a life alone, away from your comfort zone but just by changing your perspective on it, it can totally change a bad feeling to something exciting.

5th: Spending All My Time

Spending All My Time is the most complete, balanced, and solid Perfume song I know. A lot of Perfume songs are either too electronic-y for people, or too pop-idol for fans. I think Spending All My Time is the perfect balance for both audience. It was a catchy line, and at the same time it’s not overly pop. Great beat, choreography, tune. Ah!! I think this one ties up with 2nd place but because it’s such a Mario-type (balance) song of Perfume, I have to put other songs I feel more extreme about higher on the list.

4th: Ceramic Girl

Say Love Me Girl-AKA- Ceramic Girl has the most amazing beat out of all Perfume’s poptune. I love the Pentatonic melody with glitch hop mix into the pop. It’s just so AHHH I dance to this song a lot when I get ready after the shower.

3rd: Fushizen na Girl 

Fushizen na Girl.. releast on Perfume’s Pop over electronic spree. I honestly am not too sure why I like Fushizen na Girl so much. The beat? The Melody? I think this song is my most listen. I never get bored of this song!

2nd: Perfect Star Perfect Style

Fell in love with Perfect Star Perfect Style from watching a live performance recording. I also fell in love with the straight bangs super long hair look that Kashiyuka had in that performance. The choreography for this song is one of my favorites. I think I would cry if I get to see Perfume perform this song live.


Kashiyuka Style <3 : I couldn’t find a good picture of that particular live performance 🙁 but this illustrates it well.

1st: love the world

“love the world” has a special place in my heart. I loved this song so much and it’s my definition of Perfume. This song used to be in all of my playlists because of how much I love it. Although I don’t listen to love the world as much anymore, that doesn’t change the fact that I remember how much I used to really really really love this song.

Honorable Mentions

Dream Fighter, Polyrhythm: although I love these two songs as they’re songs from the Breakout era of perfume, I didn’t really have a special personal moment of awe, omg, wowza, like I did with the ranked ones
Daijyobanai, 1mm; these two songs are from their newer album, LEVEL 3. Although I loved these two songs at first sight, it’s still a little bit too new to make it to the list… for now >:)

Well, this sums up my top 10 favorite Perfume songs. I love all of their songs, and I really hope they continue to keep making great music. I just love how they have evolved so much as a group but they still manage to produce that same feel-good sound I love from them no matter how much they have evolved over time. Maybe one day I’ll get to see them live. That one day is just not this year that’s all.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

How long is it going to take for me to learn that life is just not fair? I grew up believing that if I do something good, good things will come in return. While, if I do something bad, misfortune will befall me. I follow this rule pretty religiously. I try avoid speaking ill of another person, avoid lying, avoid cheating, you know.. Anything mean or unfair.

Well, in my 24 years of living I think there is 1 thing I finally see: life is not fair. The recent event that got me thinking of this is when I was buying tickets for League of Legends World Final 2016 yesterday. I have good intentions going into this ticket buying process and here was my mind set;

I am 1 person buying 2 tickets and I will take 1 spot in the queue slot.

Ticket starts selling at 10 and I hopped into queue right as it opened. Ten minutes after 10 I finally get to pick my tickets and BAM, the P2 tickets are already sold out. Are you kidding me? I get in queue right as it opens and by the time some randomize number generator decides it’s finally my turn to buy tickets it’s already out? No way man… Okay I’m fine with that just let me get to cheap seats, well guess what, I can’t pick that either. I get 3 changes to reroll and hope to dear god that I will get a good seat. Well Lady Luck to wasn’t on my side and gave me crappy seats, again. By again I mean I got extremely crappy seats 2 years ago at the Season 3 finals, in the same exact venue.

As you can see, I got the back seat at an awkward angle. During season 3 I sat in section 318 and I couldn’t see ****

This actually upset me for the entire day and I felt cheated. Then something came to mind, from now on I am done playing fair.

Then today, my sister stop by my work building to have lunch with me (since I was too bummed yesterday and cancelled on her). We settled for sushi in the caffeteria so we got in line. While waiting in line, I couldn’t find my wallet so I let my sister order first. After she ordered, some Chinese lady went right after her. I was confused for a moment because wasn’t I originally in front of my sister? Where did this Chinese lady come from…?

My sister started complaining about how alergic she is to PRC folks because of this kind of attitude they generally have. She was overly disgusted by the fact that this lady cut the line and had absolutely no shame even after she was complaining to me so loudly about it.

I took a step back and thought to myself, man, thats what it’s like to be a cheater. It’s not very nice and people think poorly of you. Did she get her sushi before I did, yeah, sure. But do I really want to become a person like that, no.

Cheaters are out there and lady luck is not always on your side
It’s all about how you live your life and what rule you will abide
Yeah, life is not fair; nothing like you have prayed
but when life gives you lemons, just make lemonade!
– Hondai is a Wilda is a Hondai

The Time Traveler

So recently there has been several Animes in the scene with my favorite Genre: time travel! There’s just something very intriguing about having the time slip situation that I find hilarious.

The most popular time travel anime as of recent is Boku Dake. Many people say they didn’t like it because the ending was bad, or there weren’t any mind-blowing plot twists (eg. the people who comment “IT WAS SO OBVIOUS WHO IT WAS”), I was fine with the way it was. It was very, very well directed and easily found it’s place into the classics.

Another Anime would be RE:Life. Ah, you might argue “there’s no time traveling in RE:Life ):<“.. yes, yes, I know that, but the main character gets to relive his high school experience. That gives the same humor as a time travel situation would. RE:Life is yet another show that is fairly simple yet elegant in my opinion.

Last Anime I wanted to talk about is Orange! Orange is still running this season so I can’t say much about it but so far I like it. Yet again, this one isn’t exactly “time traveling” but the girl receives a letter from her future self so, there is that part of it.

I really like this genre but I really hope I don’t get over dosed. Too much of something good is bad 🙁