Month: October 2016

Hawaii Vacay Day 4: Day Before the Wedding

Day 4 of our Hawaii trip was probably the most relaxing day. we woke up, had breakfast and as the bride’s request, we drove her around to the wedding venue to ease her from her anxieties.
Jamba Juicing while waiting for the bride to be ready.
We originally thought we would be driving her right after breakfast but it turns out that we had to wait several hours before she was ready to go. Which honestly wasn’t a problem because both arthur and I were pretty tired by day 4 and needed some rest. We watched a couple episodes of Arrow on the hotel TV before deciding to go out to grab some Jumba juice. When the bride messaged us that she was ready, we called our car out from valet and had to drive around in circles several times before finding her because she went to the wrong Hyatt hotel.
After checking out the venue, we returned to the hotel. Several family members were hungry by then and wanted to grab some food. We all walked about 15 minutes to go to a Hawaiian cuisine restaurant called Dukes.
Duke’s dining area.

My order of Fish sandwich. It was pretty good.
We were a party of 15 at Duke’s. And luckily enough we didn’t have to wait because uncle 8fu called in and let them know before we head to the restaurant. Several of the 21 plus cousins had some interesting alcoholic drinks like the Tropical Itch that came with a back scratcher. It was a fun dining time with the family. After the lunner/dunch we head over to the International Market Place which was right across the street.
Crossing to the International Market Place
Apparently the international Market Place just opened around a month ago. The inside part of the all was amazing. It had a pond and a waterfall inside. It even had live music when we went in. Since the mall is fairly new, many of the shops aren’t open yet, the mall was still pretty enjoyable regardless.

Several family members pitch in the buy a cute wedding gift from Swarovski for the bride and the groom. It was a teddy bear couple dressed in wedding attired. I wished I took a picture of it because it was really cute. It was pretty cool the the shop had complimentary rock candy, in which all the kids grabbed. Haha. I didn’t really finish mine but free stuff is always nice.
The walk back to the hotel was a nice view of the sunset at Waikiki Beach.We originally planned on having a late night dinner with 4ii’s family I think everyone was pretty tired by then and we didn’t end up having the late night dinner.

Day four was overall very relaxing and a enjoyable time with the family.

Hawaii Vacay Day 3: Hiking Diamond Head and Ala Moana Mall

We started off day three with a hike on Diamond Head Monument with Arthur, his sister, 4ii’s husband and me. It decided to drive there since I heard they have decent parking there, and taking the bus there only means the pre hike to the hiking trail is a long way up.

The fare to park our car was $5 dollars which was the cheapest thing in the trip so far lol. We had to wait a little before parking. At the time we thought it was a long wait until we saw the amount of cars lining up at the end of our hike. It seemed like we went there at a pretty good time.
The hike started off kinda iffy. I heard the hike was good for beginners so when the hike started off with a sidewalk I thought in my head “looks like we’re in for a lame hike”. But thank god I was wrong, it hike definitely got much more hikey along the way.


Rocky trails midway through the hike

Blue ocean view near the top of the mountain!

Blue ocean view near the top of the mountain!

The hike ended up being great. Great work out to the top of the mountain. Great view at the end of the hike. I think it was my favorite thing I did in this trip.

After the hike Arthur and I freshen up and went to the Ala Moana mall. It was a HUGE out door mall. Parking was also huge and free. We didn’t get to do much in the mall but we did got to look around.

Shirokiya, a huge Japanese cafeteria in Ala Moana mall.

Shirokiya, a huge Japanese cafeteria in Ala Moana mall.


View inside the mall

View inside the mall

At the end of the day we had sushi dinner with 4ii’s family and Arthur’s brother in their hotel. We also had some hot Sake with 4ii’s husband. This dinner was overall good. The sushi weren’t too over price and the quality is great. I think the most enjoyable part is drinking sake with 4ii’s husband and listening to 4ii and her husband talk about Arthur and his brothers childhood days. I think day 3 was overall my favorite day. Diamond Head was a great hike, got to get plenty of rest and explore more of the Honolulu area.

Hawaii Vacay day 2: Getting the feel for Hawaii

This is our first full day in Hawaii and since we’re the first to arrive in our party we were pretty flexing as to what to do for the day. We didn’t really have a plan but what we did ended up doing was going to the aquarium and exploring downtown.
The aquarium was walking distance from the hotel so we decided to walk there. Again, I was feeling a little bit bitter about my car rental decision because it was a good thing that we walked because we got to see the scenery and also, there wasn’t much space to park at the aquarium. The entrance fee was $12 per person, which was cheaper than I expected.


Jelly fish from the Waikiki Aquarium. They make really good Live Photos haha


Me posing with this giant fish, which I never got his name

It was kinda cute how it was just staying there for people to take pictures with him haha.

Sea Horses hugging a seaweed..

Sea Horses hugging a seaweed..

This was kinda funny too because.. What were they doing? LOL We also saw a dead body of a baby sea horse in the little Sea Horse section which was sad :(I understand that things die I aquariums too but dam, how do the staffs not see it dead before opening up the aquarium 🙁 The aquarium over all was pretty small in size, but it was enjoyable, and definitely worth it for its price.

By the time we got done with the aquarium it was lunch time! Since a friend of mine recommended this Okonomiyaki place, we decided to give it try. It wasn’t too far from our hotel but. Since we were already sweating and hot from walking to the aquarium we decided to take the car out. The Okonomiyaki shop we went to is called Chibo located heart of a shopping district in downtown Wakiki. When we arrived at the restaurant it was just us and one other Korean family. Since the menu was fairly pricey, Arthur and I decided to share 1 Chibo Okonomiyaki and Garlic Fried rice. they were both pretty good!
Although it was pretty good, I don’t think it’s far off from something you can make at home. I think the restaurant mostly get high reviews from their customers because apparently they cook the Okonomiyaki in front of you. I do see that they have a teppenyaki station that you can sit in, but those were unavailable at the time we arrive. I later on looked them up in more details and apparently the location we went to was a new locations for them and many people talk about how they liked the old location better. So I guess I missed out on the main hype of Chibo’s Okonomiyaki. Oh well, it was still a very nice meal.
After Okonomiyaki we went to grab some Boba. The boba place Arthur’s sister wanted to go to is a 15 minute walk so we decided to walk there. I think the tea place is called TeaBoss. It was a cute little shop. Best part is that you can choose your sweetness level and they serve Mini boba!


Had to snap to the world that I got mini boba lol

After a day of exploring the Waikiki area we freshen up and met up with Arthur’s 4ii family and had Italian cousins near their hotel. 4ii’s husband got some sort of seafood risotto and it was SO good. I should have ordered it myself. If I ever go to Oahu again, I would definitely get that Risotto again, even if it was a pretty expensive dish.

Hawaii Vacay Day 1: The flight and Arriving.

I didn’t get much sleep before my flight to Hawaii, it’s a good thing that the flight is later in the afternoon. In fact our flight is actually at 6 PM but we decide to leave early because we want to arrive by the time Arthur’s sister arrives at SeaTac airport. Arthur’s sister is flying in from Santa Anna. Apparently she got a connection flight in Seattle because it was the cheapest. And because she’s flying in to Seattle, we decided to book the same flight she’s in from SEA – HNL. By the time we arrive at SEA there were no lines at the security check so breezed right through it. It was pretty nice arriving early because I don’t have to stress whether I’ll miss my flight or not. Maybe I should do this more often lol.

We met up with Arthur’s sis and had some food before the flight. We all decided to go with Qdoba and I actually regret it. Please remind me to never eat Mexican food on or before a flight… I ended up pretty bloated and gassy throughout the 5 hour flight. I got up to use the bathroom 3 times, and boy I’m sure glad I sat at the aisle seat. The flight was fairly standard…I flew with Alaska enough times to know what’s up. Pretzel Snacks, Drinks, Blah blah. One thing I noticed about this flight, though, was the fact that no one knew how to clean up after themselves after using the bathroom. Jesus people, at least drain the sink if you’re not going to wipe it down. Whoever uses the bathroom after me is so lucky…

When we arrived at HNL it was already dark so we couldn’t see much 🙁 But we definitely felt the heat and humidity right away.

After landing, first stop was to take the Shuttle to our car rental company. This is the first time I’ve ever rented a car myself. The company I rent with was Dollar and idk how I feel about it… We were lucky to be the first ones off the shuttle so I got to be first in line and got our car fairly quickly. I was kinda stressing out about all the fees I had to pay for insurance, under 25 fee, premium fueling fee, etc. It all added up to be quite expensive. At the time I picked the car up I questioned whether it was worth it or not.

Next stop is the Hotel. The hotel we booked all 6 nights with was Hyatt Place, Waikiki. Apparently out of all family members, we were the only ones who did not book with Marriot. At first I was worried that would cause us to not get to see the others much but it all turned out well because everyone came to enjoy the complimentary breakfast at our hotel. (I know we’re not supposed to do that but oh well lol). As for our room… It was a little bit smaller than I expected. We barely had room to open up our big bag so throughout the whole trip we had to hop around over the bag to get across the room. It was also probably the reason that Arthur’s siblings didn’t stay with us for the rest of the trip. I was kinda sad because I wanted to spend more time with them.

After settling down in the hotel we went off to have our first meal. It really didn’t feel like we were in Hawaii until we walked closer to the shore. Although the ocean wasn’t visible, I was able to hear the waves and the touches along the coasts sidewalk really gave it that tropical feel. Since it was pretty late, we were having a hard time finding a restaurant to eat at. Good news is a place right by our Hotel called Tiki’s was open. Aloha to our first meal in Hawaii.


Tiki’s was alright. I would give it 3.5/5 stars based on Yelp ranking. They were pretty disorganized and service was slow. The food tasted great, but portions were fairly small for the price. I wouldn’t go again unless I didn’t have a choice.