Month: November 2016

Peter Corp Dyrendal

So yesterday someone on Instagram posted a cover of the Thai song Unlovable by Mild and I was like, omg I remember that song. So I started making a YouTube playlist of all the Thai songs I enjoyed. Then I ran into Peter corp Dyrendal’s old songs. Omg (again), how did I forget about this guy? He was probably my first celebrity “crush”. Saw him in my favorite Thai lakorn The Wind and The Stars that he starred in with Marsha.

I remember owning one of his album… I think it was Version 4.0 because I remember the cover and the Foremost Milk ad on there lol. I remember joking with my sister how Foremost probably picked him as an endorsement because he has nice teeth.

Curious as to what he’s been up to as of late, seems like he’s still active in the entertainment scene: good! However, at the personal level, seems like there are some scandals floating around him along with the fact that his marriage didn’t go well. Unfortunate. I don’t want to judge him base on what we read in the media because you never know what’s going on in the personal level. I’m just glad he’s still active in the entertainment scene because let’s be honest here… he still looks dam good for his 40’s LOL

Looks like he’s starring with Marsha again for some show. wow.. cool. I might check it out. I /might/ check it out.

Note: my top picks from Peter Corp’s discography

Kum Pa Pun (February)
Tua Plao (Nothing but me)
Ja Ruk Kun Nan Tao Rai (aka I love you)
Yom (surrender)

Protected: The Day After Election Day 2016

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Election Day 2016

I dropped off my ballot last Friday 11/4 already so I voted! I don’t think people have the rights to complain about their taxes, living condition, regulations, and everything about their city and lifestyle if they don’t vote when they have the option to. Complaining will not do anything, that is why you vote. Not if things don’t go the way you want it to even after you vote, that’s when you rally, complain, and try to convince people in what you believe in.

Now, yes, today is the big day because the world is going to see who will become the next president of the United States of America but voting is more than just about the president. To be honest, for me voting YES on ST3 is just as important to me as voting for the president. I work, I commute, I pay taxes and ST3 is where I want my tax money. I am willing to invest in a cleaner stress free future for the city I love. If you have a reason you need to vote no for ST3, then go vote.

There are too many people around me that don’t vote. A lot of times their reason is because they feel like voting is a waste of time, and it doesn’t matter regardless of them voting or not. But if the mass thinks that way, you have a mass where the voice is unheard.

In any case. Main point here, go vote.. It doesn’t

Dead by Daylight

I would say Dead by Daylight recently became one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played in a long time and here are 3 reasons why.

  1. Exciting game play
  2. Solo play is just as fun as team play
  3. Everyone is a winner

First point, exciting game play. What kind of horror game does not get you pumped up and nervous. I can’t explained how freaked out I get every time I hear a heart beat. Now the game does get stale and less scary after playing several times but with the new addition of the new killer, Micheal Mayers, who can sneak up on you, players are back on to feeling paranoid at the beginning of every game again.

Solo vs team play. Although I mostly enjoy playing the game with friends, when my friends are not online I have the option to play alone. Being a survivor alone can become quite scary or if I don’t want to deal with randoms, I can just play as a killer when I’m going solo.

Lastly, everyone is a winner. This is probably my most favorite thing about the game. Winning or losing doesn’t not come down to escaping or dying. If you just hide in the closet and escape last minute when all your mates open the games, you’ll get nothing out of it. As for killer, if you just stand there and watch someone die as you hook them, you won’t be getting good points. Not to mention you’ll be wasting a ton of time just to make sure 1 person dies. So the more things you try to do, the more benefit you get for both parties. Everyone is a winner!