Month: January 2017

Dear Apple

HondaiMood: furious
Listening to: SMAP 25 YEARS
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Watching: Bistro SMAP

Dear Apple,

Why did you delete the songs in my playlist just because it didn’t match your Apple Music library. Just FYI, that was 90% of the music that I actually listen to. You and your dam automated smart ass program that should have been tested with more than the ordinary users. It’s been over a year since I last used Apple Music and iTunes in the Cloud oh wait, jk, you call that iCloud Music Library now. Because it’s been awhile, I thought I’d give you a 2nd chance. Now I’m sitting here regretting my decisions. Now you may argue with me that the program did what it’s supposed to do and I was wrong on the user end. But I can also say that it’s a design flaw because I did what’s most intuitive: turned on iCloud Music Library for both devices I want to use it on.

On the topic of intuitive, why is iTunes and the Music app becoming less intuitive. As someone who supported your product only over a year ago, I still have a hard time finding the shuffle, repeat button. Oh, I should have guessed that I’m supposed to click on the currently playing song view and scrolled down = =.I rather see those features first thing over the single cover that Apple Music can’t even load properly. Speaking of which, Apple Music doesn’t even work for me half of the time since I click on a song and it buffers and times out 70% of the time. Now you can blame my connection but why is a Youtube video, or even your competitor Spotify able to load things just fine? UGH

Can you just give me back iTunes 7? Easy. Simple. Less Clutter.

PS. maybe you should let in some of your employees to test out your program since everything gets ‘leaked’ anyways.

Quarter Life Crisis

So, I’m turning 25 on the 25th! I’m not too sure how I feel about being on the dead center of mid 20’s. So far my life in my 20’s has been me dealing with situations and emotions that I’ve never had to deal with before. To think I’m at my /supposedly/ prime for physical fitness and apparence.. maybe I should take better care of myself. Eat more healthy, walk more, move more, stand more, and simply live more. I used to be afraid of reaching my 30’s but now I don’t feel so afraid anymore. Age is nothing but a number and I am fortunate enough to live in the US where there are less discrimination against gender and age than other countries. Keyword: less. I know there’s still discrimination against women out there in our country and I appriciate everyone who are taking action on that but don’t forget to also appriciate how much we’ve accomplished so far.

Back to my point, I’ve been so foolish in my early 20’s. I feel like I spent most of my time trying to impress people. Some changes were good, some changes made me cringe. Well, to be fair, 5 years from now I’d probably read these posts and cringe at myself again thinking “you think you have it all”. I’m probably a hypocrit though since I still have feelings of jealousy floating around me. As long as jealousy is there, it’s the living proof that I still compare myself to others and think that I’m not good enough for god who knows what. I really want to put that part an end to that part of me.

One thing I learned about myself so far is that I make the most progress when I compromise with myself. That’s why now when I set goals I start with baby steps so I don’t feel discourage. This means things get done very slowly but at least something does get done right?

Osu! The PP Climb

HondaiMood: just chill
Listening to: Dear You – DJ Genericname remix
Playing: Osu!
Craving: Asian food FTW
Watching: Bistro SMAP

So a little update on my Osu journey.. it looks like I’m climbing the PP ranking much faster than I thought. The last time I posted about Osu my PP was sitting at 629 PP. Now it’s at 709 LOL. Looks like I’m going to reach my 800 PP goal even before the end of next month if I keep going at this rate.

To be honest though, I wasn’t really focusing on gaining PP. I just wanted to get better at the keyboard x tablet playstyle. Thankfully, I got much better than last update. I can now play songs that I used to play on the mouse and some even harder songs \^-^/ yay go me! Though I still struggle at accuracy… I’ll probably work more on that later. I find that playing a lot of different maps is a much better way to practice than playing the same map over and over again (duh). It’s also a much better way to gain PP because no matter what map you play, you’ll still get a fraction PP. I also push myself to try harder maps several times before giving up on it on the first time. Sometimes when you start a new map, you just got to get into the groove and the rest of the map becomes a breeze. Also, my idol Choi stop by my stream today. Yay! He probably thinks I’m a scrub (I am LOL) but I’m glad he stop by. 😀 I hope I can meet more people that play Osu and be part of a community. Most no… All of my current friends don’t play Osu regularly. I guess it’s a side game for most people.

Anyways, not much to say besides that. Just wanted to leave a benchmark of my progress so I can remember how fast/slow I am improving.

Current PP 709.. I wonder if I can reach 1k by the end of the year or is that aiming too high (; A;)

The Art of Playlists

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Watching: Bistro SMAP

I don’t think a lot of people consider creating playlists as a form of art.. but I do! Of course there are people out there who just dump a bunch of songs they want to listen to and call it a playlist (nothings wrong with that) but there are also people out there who take hours crafting a playlist based on a theme, feel, artist, color, anything really. I love finding people who make playlists like that.

To me, creating playlists is a way for me to explore music. With new music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify, it’s easier to discover new artists and songs. It also makes the process 10 times faster since I don’t have to run around looking for the perfect place to -cough cough- download a good copy of the single/album/EP and such. Though, it still takes me days to consider a playlist complete because of the testing process. I’d find songs, put it in, listen the whole playlist several runs and make sure a song doesn’t stand out or make you feel like skipping. I firmly believe that a playlist should flow like a constant stream, just like water! Of course it’s hard to find a song you don’t feel like skipping sometimes just because you’re not feeling it right at that moment, but that’s the point of the testing process! I might not feel it one time, other times I do. Then with several runs I can weigh whether the song is a boop or a keeper.

I also enjoy naming my playlists. Half of the time they have nothing to do with the theme though. It’s just fun giving it a name that will make people tilt their head \o\ woop. Creating playlists is a lot of fun and I hope I can share some to the world. That said, I do have some playlists on 8tracks, they’re gold certified too!! (woo) It’s like releasing a single and it get’s gold certified ( ; ~;)/ thanks guys, it makes me so happy someone enjoys my creation.

I’ll just leave my post popular one here. It’s called Nemurenai Yoru: One of those sleepless nights thinking about the days we had each other. I didn’t think this one would be popular since it was kinda scrappy but if a lot of people liked it, it means something right?!

眠れない夜 from hondai on 8tracks Radio.