Month: January 2017

Perfect Imperfections

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Listening to: Yes We Are – SMAP
Playing: Osu!
Craving: Bun Thit Nuong
Watching: Clip! SMAP!

Welcome to another スマロス post. I should make that a category. lol

Anyways, my dad caught me by surprise this weekend. He dropped the bomb saying “we got to clear everything off the floor by the 17th because they’re going to do our carpet that day.” The 17? That’s this Tuesday! A lot of people in my family are upset about my dad’s sudden announcement but I was just like eh, and did all I could. I’m not even mad I didn’t potato this weekend. I just packed stuff in boxes and move them downstairs.

While I was working with sorting and packing stuff I did find something enjoyable to do. Since my sister was staying over on Saturday Night, I moved the PS3 upstairs to our old room and blasted some SMAP Clip! On our first night we got through the first CD (this is actually my 2nd time watching the 1st CD) and man, it was a long journey. As you watch it, you can see how each and one of them grow and how they grow as a group. I really enjoyed watching their old live performances.

Unlike a lot of the boybands nowadays, SMAP did not debuted at #1. Not to mention their debut event was in a typhoon.. it was a disaster. Although these boys weren’t successful upon debut, they still hung on and kept going for years. I would say they finally reached their point of success in 1996, that’s 4 years after their debut. But even after they reached a peak, they didn’t stop and kept going.

My sister and I pondered as to why we became such huge SMAP fans. Is it their looks? Lol no way, our initial response to how they physically look is ‘they look funny’. I even remember being disappointed that they did not look cool. Is it their popularity? Nah, as popular as they are in Japan, they’re not known to people around us at all. Is it their music? I guess the music is one thing, but they honestly aren’t the best singers lol. SO, WHY?

When I look at KPop boy band and girl bands who are so dam perfect at what they do, I feel like an ant when I look at myself in the mirror. I hate it. It makes me feel like there are so many faults in myself and I feel stress that I have to achieve a certain level of coolness like these people. Of course I’m smart enough to put myself apart that they have CG, professional production, makeup, training, plastic and all that $$$ stuff to make them like that but thoughts in the back of my mind will always be there. But when I look at SMAP, their value as an idol is different. If you ask Japanese people, they’ll probably agree. Maybe I’m just like Japan who likes that がんばる attitude. Even today I can’t find a straight answer as to why I became a SMAP fan. But who can ever say for sure why they fall in love with someone, right? All I know is that all of their imperfections is what make them so perfect.

Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

HondaiMood: Impressed
Listening to: そのまま – SMAP
Playing: Osu!
Craving: Pu Erh Tea
Watching: Howl’s Moving Castle

I’ve been on a spree on catching up with SMAP member content (drama, smasma ep, etc) and here’s one, Miyazaki’s 2004 film, Howl’s Moving Castle. I’m personally not a huge fan of Miyazaki films. I enjoy them and I think they’re intriguing but it’s not something I would put on my favorite list.

Well anyways, the reason why Howl’s Moving Castle has anything to do with SMAP is because Kimura Takuya voices Howl. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from him as a voie actor. I thought that at most he is able to provide a unique voice that suits some characters but I was wrong. Howl is depicted as a ‘prince like’ gentlemen who loves beautiful things but Kimura himself does not really have that image: he’s more of the badboy type. So if I didn’t know that Kimura voiced howl, I would have taken me awhile to notice. I think he did a great job adjusting his tone to match Howl’s character.

Now as for Howl’s Moving Castle as a movie… hmmm questionable. It was interesting but the plot seems messy. [spoiler alert] It was all good build up until the point where Sophie runs into the witch at the palace. To me, the direction of the movie seemed like they’re now going to try to either elope or fight for Howl’s freedom. Instead, after they relocated their home, Howl goes back to fight in the war for the kingdom. It’s as if nothing changed… literally. Although the ending did resolved Howl’s curse he casted upon himself but it doesn’t answer any questions. What was the war about? Is the war over? How about Sophie’s damn curse? like, wat. [end of spoilers]

I’ll probably rate Howl’s Moving Castle as average. It could be better. Chances of me re-watching it for the story is low. Though, I do think Kimura did an amazing job as a seiyuu and now that he’s free from SMAP activities (cries), I hope he’ll look more into it. A fortune teller once told him that the busiest time of his life is going to be between 74-82 years old (LOL) so maybe that is a sign he’ll be in the voice acting industry? I cannot imagine someone that old having an acting project to keep then that busy. hah

Osu! Switching from Mouse Only

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Listening to: そっと きゅっと – SMAP
Playing: Osu!
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Watching: super.modern.artistic.performance 2008 LIVE TOUR

I don’t think I ever blog about Osu before. I mean, there isn’t much to say about it. I’ve always loved playing Osu. I kinda stopped for a year or so but in the past summer when I got my new mouse Osu got fun again so I started playing more. I got fairly good with mouse only Osu. Okok, by good I actually mean decent. You know, I can never understand how people play keyboard x mouse, it seems so hard :< every time I try I always fail so I always just go back to mouse only playstyle.


This is what a stream is in Osu

Sadly I’ve gotten to the point where the mouse only playstyle has become limiting. It takes extra practice because streams are difficult with just the mouse. When you click the mouse button, it causes a slight pause in movement and also some vibration that shifts the mouse position. This is what creates the extra set of practice I have to do with mouse.

Since I got a tablet for Christmas it’s the perfect time to switch to tablet x keyboard combo. First time I tried it, I can’t hit anything accurately. I had to learn how to do 2 things all over again; rhythmic aspect on the keyboard and position accuracy with the tablet. Let me tell you this right now, THIS IS NOT AN EASY SWITCH FOR ME. It felt like I was learning how to play Osu all over again!! I got really bummed out that I couldn’t play as well as I could on the mouse. So I quit. (Hondai the quitter since 1992...) JK. Last weekend I finally suck it up and practiced. It’s gotten more enjoyable now that I’m a little better at it but strangely it’s enjoyable in a different way than playing with mouse. I still prefer mouse right now. That sense of joy when you hit the perfect star formation or tornado combo with mouse, It makes you feel awesome. Maybe when I get better with tablet I’ll start enjoying that again.

The good thing about this switch though is that I don’t strain my right hand as much. It gets distributed to my left hand as well. I played 3 hours straight last night and now the next day I don’t feel any pain. Always make the better switch for your health right? Haha I actually played more than 3 hours throughout the day, but I was doing a secret stream since I knew I will be playing for awhile. Also, I like listening to myself play Osu while I’m at work… That’s actually the real reason I streamed.. That sounds so egocentric LOL

Well, hopefully if I keep playing I can get do 10 AR with no problem eventually. New years resolution for 2017? (jk)

Current PP 629.. Do you think I can reach 800 by the end of the year? Believe it!

My Random Day Off

HondaiMood: Peaceful
Listening to: 恋 – 星野源
Playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
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Watching: 逃げるは恥だが役に立つ

Good day everyone! Have you ever had those days where you wake up in the morning and you really really REALLY just can’t get out of bed for what ever reason? That’s me today. I did let my team lead know that I wasn’t feeling well, which was not a lie, and I stayed home… Slept in until 11 AM. When I finally got up and went to my bedroom, it was very sunny and pretty. It was nice. Because our kitchen was still under remodel I decided to head out to Woodinville for some food.

It feels like it’s been a long time since I took the bus to Woodinville during the day on a regular work day. Somehow, it reminded me of my college days. It was quiet, sunny, cold.. it was beautiful. I felt peace within. I wanted to eat something not too heavy so I decided to try our the Asian Bistro near by and got a Bibimbap. It was good. It was very good. I love how simple, yet good bibimbap is as a dish in general. I guess gochujang sauce can make anything taste great.



Then I head home and start watching Nigeru wa hiji da ga yakunitatsu. This is a Japanese drama that ran last autumn season 10/22/16-12-20/16. I’m loving this drama so far! It makes me cheer on the two leads and when some progress is made between the two I giggle like something good happen in a newly found love. I’m also in love with the ending theme. I started watching this drama because of it. I kept seeing Hoshino Gen’s Koi on the charts so I was wondering what’s up with it and found out that it’s for a drama that he plays in. I’m on episode 8 🙁 which means the drama is coming to an end soon. Sad.

Next drama I’m watching will probably be the AI one Kimura Takuya plays in. Somewhat old, but not that old. I guess I can look forward to that! 😀