Month: February 2017

The Seattle Snow

HondaiMood: COLD
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Playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Craving: Hotpot
Watching: Game of Thrones S1, Ep 4

I haven’t seen it snowing this often in the Greater Seattle area in years! I think the last time I saw it snowing this much was when I still went to the UW. Most likely some time in the early 2010’s. When I woke up this morning and check the weather report, I saw that it’ll be snowrain for my morning commute. I got ready for work, grab my hooded coat, my umbrella and walked out the door. As I open the door I saw whiteness gracefully falling from the sky and slowly sticking on the the ground. I thought to myself, “This is definitely not snowrain” as I walked to the bus stop. the snow wasn’t so bad on my way to the bus stop, but while I was waiting at the stop with my umbrella in my hand, the snow piled up more and more- quickest I’ve seen ever in my life. Within less than 20 minutes, the streets were covered in inch of snow.

As the snow kept piling over my umbrella, I kept debating whether I should stay or go. So I made a gamble, if the bus doesn’t come in the next 30 minutes, I’ll stay home. But the bus came, so on my way to work I go. The ride to work wasn’t that bad. Only unusual thing was getting stuck at the bottom of a hill in Juanita but our bus driver was competent enough to get us through it quickly. I got to work safely with only about 15 minute delay.

My way home on the other hand was much chaotic than expected. Not only that there’s the surprise snow situation going, some gas truck flipped over on some part of I-5 which caused blockage on both sides. I left work at 4:30 and met with nothing but full express buses. I thought I was being smart by walking to University Street Station but that place was jammed pack as well. I ended up walking all the way to International District and took the bus around 640 and ended home late 7 o’clock. Funniest part of this all is that I ran into my brother on the same bus home. We didn’t notice each other til we got closer to home and everyone left the bus. We both left work the same time and got home the same time.

University Street Station at 6:00 PM

Seattle is a funny city. We always expect the unexpected yet we’re not prepared for it.

ACNL: Mayor Belle

HondaiMood: Mellow
Listening to: Neko Atsume [remix] – Neku
Playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
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Watching: Game of Thrones S1, Ep 4

Hi everyone! The other day I found out that one of the girls in our discord also plays animal crossing. Yay! so we decided to do down visits. It was fun! While she was happy to have someone to play ACNL with, I was too. there’s not much to say but here are a few pictures of me visiting her town.

Meal time at mayor Belle’s house

Mayor Belle’s gaming room (w/ trophies!)

Sitting in the flower fields

She’s a time traveler! Very brave. I’m too scared to time travel because I just think it gets freaky and I personally like the real time play. It makes me look forward to things the next morning. My town does progresses very slowly though. I actually want to a second game so I can do a bell boom town. Maybe I’ll time travel on that one.. Just maybe haha.

Osu! 1000 PP!

HondaiMood: Excited
Listening to: Mr. Brightside – The Killers
Playing: osu!
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Watchingsugarcoatedkiss stream

As of today I’ve officially reached 1000 PP on osu! Woop Woop. I wish Isabelle (from ACNL) would give me some pops in my pocket, hehe.

1000 PP feels great. Now 2000 PP is going to be the real challenge. I’ve been browsing around other osu player profiles who are in the 1000+ PP range to see what maps they have in their top 100 PP list and… I’m having a hard time beating them. My current issue lies in streaming and hitting fast notes. I’m blaming it on my keyboard, the Blackwidow Chroma Stealth Edition. Because it is using the Razer Orange switches, the keys are fairly heavy and does not feel swift enough to do streams or even quick jumps. So here is what I did instead of buying a whole new keyboard: I bought a mini two button keypad with Cherry MX Red switches. We’ll see how this goes.

There are times when I feel like I’m getting good at osu. And other times when I feel like I’m bottom tier player. What really matters though if I enjoy playing the game, which I do! Rome was not build in one day so I should be happy I’ve reach a milestone of 1000 PP. It might not be anything special to the osu community, but what matters most is that it means something to me.

Current Osu PP: 1027 …. 2000 PP here I come!

Welcome to the City of Hoshido

HondaiMood: So-so
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Playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Craving: Taiwanese food
Watching: Space Battleship Yamato (2010)

Now, I don’t know if I ever mention it on here but, I’m a huge Animal Crossing: New Leaf fan. A lot of people say it’s a kids game, true I won’t argue that, but I find it very relaxing to play. I would not recommend this game for people who are impatient though. The fact that the game runs on real time means that you have to wait for everything lol. you can only grind so much in the game before you run out of things to do.

The game reminds me a lot of when I used to play Dolls with my siblings. We had a whole kingdom thought out and almost every stuffed animal would have a name, a family, and a history. You could ask any of my siblings about one of our dolls and we’ll probably say the same thing about them. I feel like I should make an archive like website for them one day. Just for fun. There, that’s a project for you Wilda.

Anyways, I originally got ACNL for the first time last fall of 2015. It was my therapy from all the stress I had to deal with at my call center job. There was a time where I called in sick right before work and hung out at Starbucks all day playing Animal Crossing. I was that stressed out and needed a personal day off. I really loved my old town Ichido. Unfortunately I lost my first ACNL cartridge while moving back to Washington… So good bye my Ichido; I will forever miss you..

Good news is, last fall I got a new one ACNL! I didn’t want to name the town Ichido again, since that just feels wrong, so I was looking for something similar to Ichido. Nido.. didn’t sound city-like, Sando just sounds like sandwich and the rest of the number sequence was just blah. In the end I settled with Hoshido because Hoshiru. I like the name but I still liked Ichido much better. Ichido just came to mind instantly when I started the game, it was meant to be.

Hoshido has gotten so much bigger than Ichido has though. Just today I finally got the Museum expansion so I can dump junk I want to keep as an ‘exhibition’. Haha.

Now that I got a New 3DS, I will be playing this more often. Hopefully.

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