Month: April 2017

ACNL: Pathing Hoshido

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Playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
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Last weekend Mayor Belle invite me over to her town, Slayer, to see some shooting stars. This is my second time visiting Slayer and it is super pretty! I hope Hoshido can be as pretty one day. This visit to Slayer we mostly just chilled around town and went to the tropical island! We did 1 round of the Fishing Tour at the island but since I only have beginner tours unlock it was too easy.. lol! I’ll just share some pictures Belle sent me from my visit (๑°꒵°๑)

Making a wish with Mayor Belle in Slayer

Mayor Belle Exorcising me before I’m allowed in town (lol jk)

After seeing Slayer realized that I probably should put paths down to shape up Hoshido since I unlocked the QR code scanner. So that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing on Animal Crossing lately. Laying paths in AC is extremely tedious because I’m laying them down one by one. I have no idea if there’s a faster way of doing this. I’m going to feel so silly if there is haha. Also, I don’t have enough pattern slots on my Mayor character so now there are blank spots. I thought I’d be okay because I have a 2nd human character in town but NOPE. You have to be-friend Sabel on the new human character so… Now my town has sidewalks with patches of grass orz

Hole in the sidewalk? Idk what you’re talking about

We still love Hoshido… Right Cobb?

Seriously Kitty? Out of all catch phrases you had to take it from Cobb’s lol

Then again, it’s little things like this that you have to work on in Animal Crossing that makes it so rewarding. After place paths in town I can start planning out where I want to put some major public work projects.

I’m so excited to see Hoshido grow more!!

NieR: Automata- thoughts so far

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Playing: Nier: Automata
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Watching: Arthur playing Soma

I finally got the chance to sit down and play NieR: Automata.(I had it on Steam since launch day!) So far I like the game a lot more than I thought I would. To be honest, I don’t think I’m much of an RPG type of gamer. It’s either a big hit or big miss. I don’t enjoy grinding for gear nor am I much of a collector when it comes to games. Considering how Nier has gotten me hook enough I want to keep playing but can’t because I have work tomorrow, that’s a good sign.

I’m really digging the post apocalyptic setting and the conversations between 2B and 9S is entertaining while you run through the map. I read some guy’s review on steam that he feels nothing for the character because they’re bland. I got to disagree and I’m GLAD I disagree. 9S keeps things upbeat while 2B is the kuudere/serious type. But my favorite thing about the game so far is probably the robots. They’re so creepy cute ♡ Oh and you can’t forget about the game’s amazing scenery. I wasn’t expecting the amusement park after climbing out of a sewer from the desert so this moment was pretty screenshot worthy. Pretty much what I’m saying is, I have nothing but good things to say about the game so far.


Feeling Bitter About Bitter Starbucks

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It’s a known fact among my friends that my preference in food is… let’s just say, it’s an acquired taste. I prefer unsweetened tea, dark chocolate, black coffee, bitter melon, brussel sprouts, whatever you don’t like, put it on my plate. But one thing people don’t seem to get is when I tell them that Starbucks’ coffee is too bitter. Actually, it’s not just too bitter, it has nothing but bitterness.

I used to get Starbucks every morning before work as part of my morning routine. In search of the perfect taste for my morning coffee I adjust the # of shots and size for a variety of espresso drinks (Lattes, Mochas, Cappucinos, Breve, blah blah). Then I finally settled on 8 oz no room Americano – just espresso shots with hot water. After months of dating Starbucks’ 8 oz Americano it finally occurred to me, Starbucks Sucks.

I’m not trying to be your typical elitist Seattleites who frown upon any chain that comes up in a conversation but this is how I truly feel about Starbucks now. Starbucks’ coffee is just bitter beyond bitter (and sometimes turn sour) without any dept in the flavors what so ever. It’s no wonder people dump piles of sugar in their “Starbucks Drink” to the point where it’s now become a norm where coffee is the drink that makes you fat because of sugar overload. – say what? – I think it’s a little sad that people assume they hate coffee when they actually hate Starbucks’ coffee. I wish I could convince people to try out a local coffee shop for once. If you can choose, try one that actually knows where their coffee beans are /really/ from. Or even better, try out a local coffee shop that roasts their own coffee beans. I guarantee you’ll discover a whole new world. Here’s a recent favorite of mine only a couple blocks away from work.

A cup of love from Seattle Coffee Works down on Pike St.

Now I’m not going to stomp all over you if you were to tell me that you like Starbucks. That’s cool. I, myself, will probably continue to go to Starbucks occasionally because they’re so damn convenient. Sadly, that’s also the price Starbucks pay for becoming a massed produced product. I can go super cliche and say Starbuck’s Coffee has lost it’s loving soul. But if you think about it carefully is that really far fetched??

Making Amends with Gundam SEED Destiny

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Watching: Gundam SEED & Destiny

10 years ago I fell in love with Gundam SEED. In the past week, I re-watched it for the 5th time and I am still in love it. But when it comes it’s sequel, Gundam SEED Destiny, I feel kinda iffy about it. I don’t remember the details of the story all too well, but what I do remember clearly is the fact that I hated it. I hated it so much that I gave it a rating of 6 on MyAnimeList, which is a score I tend to give shows that I want to love but I just can’t. Of course I remember exactly why I hated it: 1. teared apart AsuCaga 2. Shinn is annoying 3. Kira and Lacus wut? I don’t think I ever re-watched Destiny after the first time finishing it. So the moment I finished re-watching SEED, I thought to myself, maybe this time around I’ll give Destiny another go. I can tell you now that I do not regret that decision.

I revisited Destiny with the goal of trying to see Shinn in a new light. On top of seeing Shinn in a new light, I was able to see all the other characters in a new light as well. I come to appreciate what the director did with the characters in Destiny. While re-watching Destiny, I remembered the real reason I hated it. It wasn’t Shinn, it was Athrun. Athrun is hands down my most favorite Anime character of all time (for god who knows what reason) and I felt as if Destiny ruined him.

I just had my quarterly review with my supervisor at work and she asked me, “how do you see yourself 5 years from now”. I answered frankly, “I don’t know what I want to do, but all I know is that I want to be at a better place than where I am now”. I know what I want but I don’t know how to get it. Which is funny because Athrun came to mind. Unlike Kira & Lacus who knew exactly what they want and how they’ll proceed, Athrun was lost throughout Destiny. He told Kira how he’s been searching for an answer but he still can’t find one which, little did I realize, was the fundamental reason for everything Athrun decided to do in Destiny. I don’t know why I couldn’t understand that when I was 15. He made all the wrong decisions but I’m okay with it now. He was only 18. Heck I’m 25 and I still don’t know what I want to do.

「まず決める。そしてやり通す。それが何かを成す時の唯一の方法ですわ、 きっと。」―ラクス・クライン

I fell in love Lacus Clyne this time around. At first I didn’t care for her much, I guess it’s because she seemed overly perfect it felt artificial. Now I see through that. She just doesn’t express as obviously as Cagalli does. Also, the little moments between her and Kira is really cute. The two of them make a great couple.

I was also able to make amends with the fact that Athrun and Cagalli were not together at the end of Destiny. The moment Athrun said 「いいんだ、今はこれで。焦らなくていい、夢は同じだ。」I got so upset the first time. I felt as if Athrun gave up on Cagalli or like.. they completely fell apart. Now, I think the both of them made the right decision to put their romantic relationship aside to focus on more important things: Cagalli running Orb and Athrun obtaining trust, status and power within Orb. That way he can be an influential figure under his own name. Otherwise, if he were to shadow Cagalli around like he did at the beginning of the season, the most he could do would be through Cagalli. At the end of the day, what difference would that make? Plus, even though they aren’t together it doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. It’s definitely a more mature/realistic approach of their relationship, I like it.

I think Athrun regained his cool after all that. Even though it still seems like he hasn’t found a clear answer, I think it’s okay. Athrun is not perfect but I still love him. I can finally die in peace knowing that the sequel of my most favorite anime of all time was not bad like I remembered to be.