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    Hawaii Vacay Day 5: Wedding Day

    Finally! Myke and Jasmine’s wedding day!!! Today is the reason we flew to Hawaii. Today we are fully booked for wedding stuffs and I’m super excited for it! Because we are one of the few family that actually rented a car, we’re on Taxi duty today. Started our day like everyday so far in Hawaii, which is eating the complimentary breakfast. Right after the breakfast we drove 5ii to her car rental place and grab some sharpies from Office Max as the bride request. After coming back from errands I went to the Marriot Hotel room with all the other girls to get ready. For the first time of my…

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    Hawaii Vacay Day 4: Day Before the Wedding

    Day 4 of our Hawaii trip was probably the most relaxing day. we woke up, had breakfast and as the bride’s request, we drove her around to the wedding venue to ease her from her anxieties.  Jamba Juicing while waiting for the bride to be ready. We originally thought we would be driving her right after breakfast but it turns out that we had to wait several hours before she was ready to go. Which honestly wasn’t a problem because both arthur and I were pretty tired by day 4 and needed some rest. We watched a couple episodes of Arrow on the hotel TV before deciding to go…

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    Hawaii Vacay Day 3: Hiking Diamond Head and Ala Moana Mall

    We started off day three with a hike on Diamond Head Monument with Arthur, his sister, 4ii’s husband and me. It decided to drive there since I heard they have decent parking there, and taking the bus there only means the pre hike to the hiking trail is a long way up. The fare to park our car was $5 dollars which was the cheapest thing in the trip so far lol. We had to wait a little before parking. At the time we thought it was a long wait until we saw the amount of cars lining up at the end of our hike. It seemed like we went…

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    Hawaii Vacay day 2: Getting the feel for Hawaii

    This is our first full day in Hawaii and since we’re the first to arrive in our party we were pretty flexing as to what to do for the day. We didn’t really have a plan but what we did ended up doing was going to the aquarium and exploring downtown. The aquarium was walking distance from the hotel so we decided to walk there. Again, I was feeling a little bit bitter about my car rental decision because it was a good thing that we walked because we got to see the scenery and also, there wasn’t much space to park at the aquarium. The entrance fee was $12…

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