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    PAX West 2016

    To sum up my PAX experience for 2016 in one word it would be underwhelming. Not that it was bad, I actually had a lot of fun! It was just not as much fun as PAX Prime 2013. I think the reason for that is mostly because I did not do research before going. I just wanted to take Arthur to PAX at least once before our gaming interests die out (if it ever does). We’re both here right now, and PAX was right there in downtown Seattle. So why not just go, right? We got the Sunday passes and so we arrive right around it opens. We browsed around…

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    Living in California has been a very interesting experience to me. One of my favorite things about my time in California is definitely taking a small trip to San Francisco. After the many visits there are several things that appeal to me in the city. One of that includes Japanese food! There is a restaurant in SF’s Japantown called On The Bridge: it is literally on the bridge that connects the east and west wing of the plaza. I think what attracted me to this restaurant the most is the fact that it is quite difficult finding Youshoku in the states. We have one in downtown Seattle, but the menu is…

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    The Best Fireworks Show

    4th of July of 2014, one of my best Independence Day in a long time. Independence Day has been my favourite holiday for awhile now. A lot of holidays we celebrate has to do with religion which not everybody is happy to celebrate. However, when it comes to Independence Day, I can’t find a reason for any Americans to not celebrate. When you think about it, it is pretty much America’s Birthday party! For the past few years I’ve been spending my 4th of July at Max’s place. We would shoot fireworks in his backyard and have a nice meal. I think sometimes we would have cake too. I honestly…

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    Happy Independence Day 2013!

    Happy 4th everyone! This year I decided to spend my 4th of July with my mom in downtown Seattle. We took the bus and hung out down there for hours. I love my mom, although sometimes I feel like she stresses out too much. I’m so glad I decide to spend time with her today because in the past 3 years, I barely get to talk to my mother. Honestly, the fact that she doesn’t know about anything in my life isn’t really her fault, it’s more like mine because I barely get to talk to her. Anyways, going to Pike Place to me means Piroshky and Starbucks! <3 We…