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    Happy Independence Day 2013!

    Happy 4th everyone! This year I decided to spend my 4th of July with my mom in downtown Seattle. We took the bus and hung out down there for hours. I love my mom, although sometimes I feel like she stresses out too much. I’m so glad I decide to spend time with her today because in the past 3 years, I barely get to talk to my mother. Honestly, the fact that she doesn’t know about anything in my life isn’t really her fault, it’s more like mine because I barely get to talk to her. Anyways, going to Pike Place to me means Piroshky and Starbucks! <3 We…

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    Sakura Con 2012

    終わった~ I feel so lonely somehow when sakuracon ended this year. This is my third time going to Sakura con and it was probably the best year ever!! There were obvious reasons and little reasons that made it the best year so far. I’ll start off with the mre obvious reason. Of Course first of all Stereopony is the performing guest this year!! Though I wasn’t a die hard fan before I always love love loooove many of their songs!! So being able to see them live was just pure awesome!! At the con we first had to line up 30 minutes before the show. there was Max Max who…

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    Mood: Angry Listening to: Rainbow – NEWS Eating: Sushi Belt! Reading: Freakanomics Working on: Just homeworks Browsing: – Watching: KAT-TUN on Utaban Today I went to South Center Mall with Ampy and Oran. We all met up at Shinka Tea. Actually my other brother who I’ll call Kiwi was suppose to come too but he couldn’t make it. ): I feel a little bad because I realize that went I left the house he was actually there too. I should have called him…. Anyway, we got the mall by bus. The bus ride was long but I still enjoy riding buses! Hahaha. Right when we got there we looked for something…

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    West Lake

    Mood: HAH! XD Listening to: Niji no Katae (I think I read it right) – Arashi Eating: HAH! XD Reading: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Working on: been working Browsing: lang-8 Watching: Proposal Daisakusen ep 2 Phew! Well, I can’t sleep and I finally got pictures from my phone on to my computer so I though,?Meh, why not write a more detailed entry about my day in Seattle. This time we went early in the morning. Plus! We got a ride from our parents so ahuhu, it was an easy ride to get there. We started off going to?West Lake Mall. I got 2 rings for myself and 1…

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