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    The Seattle Snow

    I haven’t seen it snowing this often in the Greater Seattle area in years! I think the last time I saw it snowing this much was when I still went to the UW. Most likely some time in the early 2010’s. When I woke up this morning and check the weather report, I saw that it’ll be snowrain for my morning commute. I got ready for work, grab my hooded coat, my umbrella and walked out the door. As I open the door I saw whiteness gracefully falling from the sky and slowly sticking on the the ground. I thought to myself, “This is definitely not snowrain” as I walked…

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    Just in case you didn’t know what that acronyms is N3DSXL = New Nintendo 3 DS XL. -Claps Hands- Welcome, welcome, welcome a new baby to the family; My new New Nintendo 3DS XL: Galaxy Style!! Ah, such a beautiful baby. I’ve been eyeing a New Nintendo 3DS for a year now. The game stop in Capitol Hill had 1 available so I decided that this is the weekend I’m going to buy myself one. I didn’t bother telling anyone about it besides my brother, BF and people around me because I’m too lazy to deal with the people asking “why a DS and not the Switch?”. My answer would…

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    I’m not okay

    Who was Wilda? She was that one girl who seemed happy all the time. Quite innocent. Not as innocent as you would think. But definitely as happy as she seemed. Her worries were simple. Her mind was beautiful. Her intentions were pure. But I didn’t want to be her, So I lynched her. I’m not nice. I’m not happy. I’m filled with hatred and jealousy. My thoughts are so noisy at night I can’t sleep. I sometimes whisper to myself “help”, Hoping someone save me from this chaotic insomnia. But no one can do that but maybe… Wilda.

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    We are, we are! We’re colors in the dark~ The crowd sang together as they push forward to get a better glimps of their favorite rock idol. Some rocking their souls out and others holding their recording devices so they can show off on social media. While I was there holding my stance in the crowd, at awe with the live performance. I wasn’t prepared for this ONE OK ROCK concert but I knew they would blow my mind if I saw them live. I honestly haven’t listened to their newer songs for the past 2 years. I just couldn’t get myself into their XXXIV album. I assumed they were…

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