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    Why cant I?

    When was the last time I was proud of myself? Hmm, like real proud? I don’t even know. I remember last year I was proud of myself for writing a Japanese log everyday for 1 month. I was proud of myself for working for my dad with no complains all winter break. I was proud for doing the best of my best in my ECON class. Then came the loneliness of 2009. I ended up giving up when spring break started. But I really liked the me before that. Where did she go? Where is she now? What was it and who was it that made her so happy all…

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    Mood: tried Listening to: No More – Jasmine Drinking: lkjxoixk pumpkin milk Reading: – Working on: Quiznos Camp :O Browsing: Watching: Koizora [the movie] I hate scammers, scammers should just all scam other scammers and create they very own scammer world and stay OUT of our pure world. -sigh- I really want to help a friend out. He got scammed, $400 and it’s not even funny. I hate scammers. In games AND in real life! Arggg I can’t help him tho… in anyway, I just can’t. I don’t think I can :/ Right now, I have other goals to get back at people who hate my friends on MS. I…

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    DVD hell and Love Hell

    Mood: Just awake Listening to: Moshi mo Boku ga Pchi dattara – Tegomass Drinking: Morning Coffee Reading: Speech Notes Working on: Commemorative Speech Browsing: – Watching: Kiss~Kaerimichi no love song~ PV DVD hell You can skip this if you like XD Thank you! Thank you! Thank you NEWShFAN for subbing SMAP’s 2008 concert DVD! I don’t feel guilty for downloading this. Because even if I legally buy it, I won’t be able to watch it anyway! I was complaining to Tsuki about it yesterday but I guess I can again here. So I got NEWS’s new single Koi no ABO the special addition with a DVD in it! But guess what, I can’t…

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    Just cant get away

    Mood: tired Listening to: I・ZA・NA・I・ZU・KI – NewS Eating: – Reading: – Working on: – Browsing: – Watching: Clannad ep 3 Sorry this blog is kinda stressful. T_T I need to get atleast one of my stresses out of my system Everything is building up that I nearly can’t take it anymore, school stress, family stress, money stress, friend stress, and the fact that I’m still stuck in my 17 year old blues. I don’t want anything bad to happen to my family, realizing how bad the situation is, I don’t want to complain. I want to offer a helping hand as much as I can. My parents are almost at…

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