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Music Under The Stars With Sister

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I had a very nice outing with my sister yesterday! It was apparently the Seattle’s Chamber Music Society’s last day for their Music Under The Stars program which is a program where they play chamber music in the park for free, so my sister and I decided to go. The show starts at 7 but since there was a Seafair parade going on, I wanted to make sure I don’t run into any traffic issue. I mean, I also want to make sure I have a ton of time to spend with my sister because time goes by very very fast when we’re together, so might as well go as early as I can right?

So I ended up arriving in downtown Seattle around 3 PM, which was earlier than anticipated, because I didn’t run into any traffic issue (Thank god). Since my sister just got off work, we agreed to meet at sister’s place. At her place, I tried out the cookies she baked, sat, chat, chill for a bit. Then we finally admit that we were both STARVING so my sister suggested we check out Bai Tong up on Capitol Hill since it recently open.

Moscow Mule with Fried Pork & Egg Over Rice

We were so lucky we arrived just in time for happy hour. To take advantage of that, we both ordered the Thai Tea Moscow Mule ($6). The Moscow Mule was more on the sour side, in comparison to the other ones I’ve had, but I liked it a lot! It wasn’t too strong and the alcohol wasn’t overwhelming. As for the main dish I ordered the Fried Pork & Egg over rice ($11.50) from the Street Food Menu. I honestly don’t know what this is in Thai but it tasted a lot like Grilled Pork Neck. This dish was BOMB. A sour & spicy sauce was served on the side to compliment with the oily pork; this sauce definitely completed the dish. Oh and don’t forget about the Egg. The fried egg was prepared with a runny yolk so that added even more to the yum-factor. Ahh, I’ll definitely go back here again.

After the wonderful meal, we had a ton of time left before the show starts so we decided to walk to Volunteer Park instead of taking transit there. It was a pleasant walk as the weather wasn’t too hot. I’ve also never walked around that area before, so it was nice to see the neighborhood as a pedestrian. I wouldn’t mind living in that area, it’s seems pretty peaceful but not too far from the city.

Sister & Me

Once we made it to the park, we laid out  mat and settled down right before the show starts. During the show there was this one guy chatting with his friend about his life story and we all could hear him. A few of us was giving him the looks, but he didn’t seem to get the message. Finally the old man in front of us told him to quiet down because he’s here to listen to music, not him. THANK YOU OLD MAN, you are the MVP. The rest of the show was great! After the show my sister and I hung around and was playing with the handout they gave to the kids to keep themselves entertain during the show. There were also a few guys practicing juggling in front of us. Something I learn from eavesdropping them: juggling is serious business. lol

Anyways, I’m just rambling off now. I just wanted to write about this before I forget about something nice I did this summer haha. I’m gunna go continue watching Gundam Wing now(things are getting interesting) and also finish designing the office on HHD. I’ll probably fix all my grammatical errors tomorrow at work, or maybe not hahaha.

Be Ready for G-Dragon’s Act III World Tour

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My night with G-Dragon at Act III, M.O.T.T.E Seattle was unforgettable. It was amazing, and definitely worth the money. But there were somethings I wish I did before/during the show that would have definitely made my night more perfect than it already was.

Just in case some of you are newbies at K-pop concerts, I’m here to make sure you don’t make the same mistake I do when attending G-Dragon’s concert. I’ve never associated myself with any K-pop fan base as I don’t follow the scene nearly as much as I do with J-pop. Also, I don’t speak Korean nor can I sing it. Don’t get me wrong though, I LOVE G-Dragon. Him and his Big Bang mates are the few K-pop artists I actually listen to. If this sounds more and more like you? Great! Keep reading.

Make GD Proud

Step 1: Get to know his songs. (DUH)

Don’t be me.. There were some songs by him I didn’t listen to much… so when he started singing at the live it I felt kinda awkward. Mostly because I don’t understand Korean and hyping to a song you hear for the first time can be kinda hard, y’know? LOL Don’t have the time to get to know all his songs? No problem. Thanks to set lists, you can listen to songs that he’s more than highly likely going to be performing at the concert.

You can find a Youtube playlist here: ( ๑‾̀◡‾́)σ»

Step 2: Learn the fan chant

I mean, if you know how to sing the whole song, GO FOR IT. Sing along. But most of G-Dragon songs are raps. I know it’ll be super hard for me to learn lyrics for rap songs… especially in Korean hardihar. So best I could do is fan chants! I wish I knew more of the fan chants. When I attended I only knew the chants for WHO YOU? and CROOKED, along with singing a long with a few other songs.

Break out the dance moves!

Step 3: Get Your Partner On Board

HYPING ALONE IS NO FUN! My friend and her boyfriend was saying how I was going crazy. OF COURSE I WAS! Don’t be me, make sure your concert mates are on board with going crazy with you. Why else are you going to a concert… right? Get your friends to learn the fan chants and stuff too! Will make everything much.. MUCH more fun on concert day.

Step 4: Make New Friends

Now that you got your friend on aboard the hype train… get your concert seat neighbors to hop on too! You’ll call me crazy, but I’m not! I’ve done this before with the ONE OK ROCK concert and I shit you not, it was the best concert I’ve been to in my life. We built chemistry before the show so during the show you get a huge group on synchronize head bobbing and screaming. It was the best.


Now what if you are a more reserved person and prefer to just sit and watch. That’s okay! (KINDA, NOT REALLY). But here is my take on this, I feel that paying for the concert tickets to just sit there and watch him perform is like flying to a foreign country just to watch TV in the hotel. Sure the purpose of vacation is to relax, but if you’re going to go to a live concert, you should try to participate some how! Remember, a great concert is not made only from the performer but that audience as well. You’re there to be a part of phenomenon not watch it happen. But most importantly, stay safe and have fun!

Like.. c’mon! How can you just sit there when he smiles like that!!

PS. I didn’t originally plan on writing a “How to” post.. I was going to complain about my mild frustration during the live concert.. But why not just express my mild frustration in a slightly more positive way if I can. Right?

​ Hawaii Vacay Day 7: Leaving on a Jet Plane

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go 🙁 Today is our last day in Hawaii. I didn’t really feel sad at the moment since I was stressing to make sure we get everything pack and make sure we make it to our flight on time.
We had the complimentary breakfast one last time, which they finally are serving breakfast sausage again today. We ran into 4ii”s family as we headed down and got to enjoy our last breakfast in Hawaii with them.

We didn’t really have much time to enjoy breakfast because I was afraid that we might have to spend a lot of time at the car rental returning the car. I heard a lot of reviews that the lines at Dollar Rental at this specific location was long so I gave it 2 extra hours.
After breakfast we head straight to our room and pack everything up, head downstairs and check out. A few family members were down there waiting for us to say their farewells. 🙁 I got a little sad because I know I won’t be seeing all of them for awhile. I also got a little sad saying goodbye to the valet parking staff because they have been such a pleasure.

We headed to the car rental right away after departing the hotel. To my surprise, the moment we arrive there was a dollar staff right outside with a tablet telling us where to park our car and ready for us to drop the car off and printed my receipt for the total amount I had to pay for the car rental. I heard a lot of bad reviews of this specific location but my personal experience with them has been great. We also had great timing because the shuttle to HNL airport had just arrive so right after dropping our car off we didn’t have to wait for the shuttle at all.
By the time we arrived at HNL, we had plenty of time left before boarding so we had some coconut macchiatos from Starbucks and chilled at the airport longer til boarding.

Chilling with Starbucks at HNL

Our flight back to Seattle is with Hawaiian airlines and I’ve heard many good things from them such as comfortable seats, good entertainment system and complimentary meal. I was kinda afraid we wouldn’t get a complimentary meal since it wasn’t mentioned on the e-boarding pass, but when we board, the onscreen announcement let us know the flight schedule, in which, includes a complimentary meal which was delicious.

View of Oahu during our takeoff

Complimentary meal and red wine that got me pretty buzzed lol
And now as I am writing this post, I’m still on the plane. We still have about 1 more hour to go before landing in SEA. This has been a good flight so far and the vacation was very enjoyable despite my stressful and emotional moments.
10/10 would do it again.
PS. I’m so glad I brought my iPad and Keyboard with me. I don’t think I’ll ever finish writing a detailed post about each day in Hawaii if I didn’t write it on the flight. These posts take longer to write than you would imagine. It’s been about 4 hours and I’m just getting done writing my last post and haven’t proof read any of it.

Anyways, mahalo for reading my posts. I know I didn’t write much in details of my trip but hope you enjoyed my Hawaii Vacay series.

Hawaii Vacay Day 6: Touristy Hawaii

Today is booked with activities that the family planned out on having together. I originally felt pretty tired and a little sick to go ziplining but apparently 5ii already prepaid it and it would be a waste if we didn’t go, so I decide to suck it up and go and you know what, I’m pretty happy I went.

Everyone else took a shuttle to ziplining but since arthur and I had a rented car, we drove there with a few family members. The Ziplining we went to was a Kaula Ranch and apparently is a pretty popular location for movie filming. I don’t have any pictures for my zip lining since I had no room to bring my phone which I was kinda sad because it’s my first time ziplining and was pretty fun.

During out shuttle ride to the ziplining location, we had to stop for a good 10 minutes because they were filmingthe movie Jumanji 2. I didn’t really mind the wait though because it paid off, we got to see a huge explosion that’s part of the movie shooting;it was cool!
After ziplining we head back to the hotel and rushed to a Luau near Waimanalo Beach of Chief’s Luau. The drive to the Luau was about 40 minutes long and it was a very scenic drive which I enjoyed a lot.

Rainbow view from H1 high way drive to the Luau

Light blue sea along the east coast of Oahu.
I really wish we explored more on the east side of Oahu. Next time we come to Oahu I’ll probably be doing that for the most part. We were lucky to make it to the Luau right at 6 PM, just on time to sit down before the buffet and show starts.

Food from Chief Luau’s buffet

Live music while we enjoy the food
The food at this Luau was decent and the show was great. The man doing most of the MCing, Chief, was pretty funny. He kinda sounded like he was intoxicated LOL. I really enjoyed different polinesian dances, especially the fire spin. One of the guys doing the fire spin was incredibly fast, I was impressed! I didn’t take much pictures of the Luau because I really just wanted to sit and enjoy it.

The only picture I got from the Luau performance.
This was our last night in Oahu, and it really was a great way to end the trip. We spent our last night we slot of family members under the beautiful night sky. The weather was also very nice and breezy this night. I’m glad I went to both the Ziplining and Luau even though I’m usually not a huge fan of very touristy stuff.