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    I rant so much about it on Twitter. I wrote so much about it on notepad. I wrote, thought, cry, and expressed myself in so many ways about how I feel about SMAP’s disbandment. The closer it got to the end of the year, the closer it became a reality to me. When I wake up tomorrow and the clock strikes midnight in Japan that’s when SMAP will officially become part of the past. And I’ll admit it I’m extremely sad. After writing so much about it, I think I’ll keep this farewell message short. I want to thank everyone who is a part of SMAP and help made them…

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    Perfume – MY TOP 10

    So I heard from Twitter that Perfume is going on tour in the US, AGAIN! In fall of 2014 I had the chance to go see them in SF but I decided not to because work….. work. 🙁 So I’m wondering if I am going to regret not going again. Perfume is at their prime (they’ve been at their prime for a long while) and they just keep going up. They have been one of my favorite artists for years. My hairstyle is semi-inspired by Kashiyuka of Perfume and you know how much I care about my hair (thats almost just as much as I care about Perfume LOL). I…

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    Why,or Why Not?

    To get my happiness I had done everything But had done nothing to be blamed and accused of The sound of footsteps became louder every day Then I noticed the fact there was no time I was a believer in life to be myself always And was asking whether I would be alive Give me a reason why not to adopt in this way Or judge me to be guilty of so many incurable sins Tell me why, or why not complaining way too much Maybe I overlooked something fatal for me The whole world was at a complete standstill And I was in fetters, at the mercy of the…

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    Sakura Con 2012

    終わった~ I feel so lonely somehow when sakuracon ended this year. This is my third time going to Sakura con and it was probably the best year ever!! There were obvious reasons and little reasons that made it the best year so far. I’ll start off with the mre obvious reason. Of Course first of all Stereopony is the performing guest this year!! Though I wasn’t a die hard fan before I always love love loooove many of their songs!! So being able to see them live was just pure awesome!! At the con we first had to line up 30 minutes before the show. there was Max Max who…

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