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ACNL: May In Hoshido

Wowzer, May went by super fast. It feels like it just started but we’re already 1 week in to June. The weather is getting warmer in downtown Seattle, and it’s definitely getting warmer in Hoshido as well. Mosquitoes are out at night now, yikes! Well let’s see what happened in Hoshido this past May…


We started off with Timmy & Tommy merging with Leif’s nursery. Thus, now called T.I.Y. They now offer KK Slider’s CD so this definitely helps with my KK Slider obsession, I can get all the CD’s faster! Muahahaha. Leif also started selling indoor plants. Inspired by Molbak’s hidden cafe, I got the idea of having an indoor garden merge with my kitchen/dining room. Ahh! This is going to be exciting. With 500k per expansion though.. It’s going to take awhile lol.


Speaking of house decors, I also recently redecorated my main room. The theme here is traditional & green. How do you like it? I crapped up the room on purpose so it feels like those tiny Tokyo apartments. How do you like it?
Good news, Hoshido finally got a perfect town rating! We did it! Isabelle granted me the golden watering can. Not that I really need it since everyone in town help water the flowers anyway, but it’s still such an honor. The moment Isabelle said the residents think Hoshido is “the best town ever!” I was nearly in tears :’)

Also, a little clip of the fishing tourney this month. Congratulations to Boone on 1st place, and Phoebe on 2nd! Honestly, I just let Boone with so he feels accomplished… Now I’m secretly hoping he’s ready to move on to a new town lul


Let’s not forget, Happy Birthday to my favorite Monkey, Deli! You got to love Deli man. Both Deli and I have a thing for sharing our craving phases. Which I wonder what his summer cravings gunna be.

Well, that’s a wrap for Hoshido! I honestly haven’t been doing much in town since I’ve been back on Osu and obsessively trying to gain PP again.

Osu! Aiming for 2k?! How To Improve

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Wow! It’s been months since my last osu update. To be honest, I’ve been slacking since I hit 1k PP. But we all know that can’t settle for that because surely I can do much better. Actually, I think I stop playing osu for a good month because I got my new computer and my osu files kinda broke. Either way I’m still looking to hit 2k before the end of the year, is that too little or too much to ask for? Let’s talk about that.

A few months ago when I was climbing to 1k, it was honestly not a challenge at all. All I had to do was play more maps and bam, 10 PP, 20 PP, they flow in like views on a kitty video on Youtube. Now that I hit 1k, I reached a slower point where it really isn’t as easy to gain over 5 PP on a map. In order for me to actually gain a good chunk of PP, I have to perfect a map that is at least 4 stars. So the method here is to not spam a ton of mediocre maps anymore but to get good at more challenging maps. I think playing a variety is still a great way to practice since you don’t want to play a map purely on muscle memory. Also, what I learn about muscle memory though music is if you keep making a mistake at the same part of a song, stop practicing that part and jump to something else before going back to it. Other wise your muscle will be learning how to play this mistake and end up working against you. Applying this to osu, don’t over repeat a song. Move on.

In terms of skill wise, I am much better at reading now than I was a few months ago. I don’t have issues with fast hops anymore but I still can’t perfect a stream that’s more than 6 notes. It’s frustrating because it really is hindering my performances in some songs(eg. DJ Genericname’s Dear You). What I think I’m going to do is pick a nice song and make my own stream practice maps. What I can also do is copy certain choke sections of songs I want to perfect and edit it into a custom map. Haha, is that too try hard? Maybe.. But I’m sure it’ll help!

My osu stats… as you can see there’s a time when I didn’t play so my rank was dropping lol

Well anyways, I want to keep this update short and concise. I do feel like I’m still improving but the rate of improvement is getting slower and slower. I’m not giving up. Fighting!

Current Osu PP: 1380 ….1500 would look pretty cool.

ACNL: Pathing Hoshido

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Last weekend Mayor Belle invite me over to her town, Slayer, to see some shooting stars. This is my second time visiting Slayer and it is super pretty! I hope Hoshido can be as pretty one day. This visit to Slayer we mostly just chilled around town and went to the tropical island! We did 1 round of the Fishing Tour at the island but since I only have beginner tours unlock it was too easy.. lol! I’ll just share some pictures Belle sent me from my visit (๑°꒵°๑)

Making a wish with Mayor Belle in Slayer

Mayor Belle Exorcising me before I’m allowed in town (lol jk)

After seeing Slayer realized that I probably should put paths down to shape up Hoshido since I unlocked the QR code scanner. So that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing on Animal Crossing lately. Laying paths in AC is extremely tedious because I’m laying them down one by one. I have no idea if there’s a faster way of doing this. I’m going to feel so silly if there is haha. Also, I don’t have enough pattern slots on my Mayor character so now there are blank spots. I thought I’d be okay because I have a 2nd human character in town but NOPE. You have to be-friend Sabel on the new human character so… Now my town has sidewalks with patches of grass orz

Hole in the sidewalk? Idk what you’re talking about

We still love Hoshido… Right Cobb?

Seriously Kitty? Out of all catch phrases you had to take it from Cobb’s lol

Then again, it’s little things like this that you have to work on in Animal Crossing that makes it so rewarding. After place paths in town I can start planning out where I want to put some major public work projects.

I’m so excited to see Hoshido grow more!!

NieR: Automata- thoughts so far

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I finally got the chance to sit down and play NieR: Automata.(I had it on Steam since launch day!) So far I like the game a lot more than I thought I would. To be honest, I don’t think I’m much of an RPG type of gamer. It’s either a big hit or big miss. I don’t enjoy grinding for gear nor am I much of a collector when it comes to games. Considering how Nier has gotten me hook enough I want to keep playing but can’t because I have work tomorrow, that’s a good sign.

I’m really digging the post apocalyptic setting and the conversations between 2B and 9S is entertaining while you run through the map. I read some guy’s review on steam that he feels nothing for the character because they’re bland. I got to disagree and I’m GLAD I disagree. 9S keeps things upbeat while 2B is the kuudere/serious type. But my favorite thing about the game so far is probably the robots. They’re so creepy cute ♡ Oh and you can’t forget about the game’s amazing scenery. I wasn’t expecting the amusement park after climbing out of a sewer from the desert so this moment was pretty screenshot worthy. Pretty much what I’m saying is, I have nothing but good things to say about the game so far.