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2 years!

HondaiMood: Okay
Listening to: want you DARLING – Abe Mao
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Reading: Gakuen Alice
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Watching: Code Geass ep. 20

How could I forget Hoshiru’s birthday when it’s right on the front page! That even the reason why Hoshiru disappeared for a bit. I forgot to renew my domain name. Hahaha. But it’s back! And Hoshiru is back with a boost!

Hondai now has almost full control of Hoshiru domain! Yay~ Some of you know that Hoshiru is hosted under my brother. It still is, but my brother gave me an account so that I can create sub domains and accounts myself. 🙂 So now I can host people. I’m not sure if I’m going to do that yet though. Should I?

Maple rant right now it’s 2x exp. I can’t play though cuz my mom doesn’t like me playing maple still. Right now my brother is borrowing my account so his friend can leach for herself. Looking at it makes me go O_O She started from 30% and now she’s at 70%. And it’s been not even 30 minutes. Her level 81 Ranger is leaching of her 142 Bishop. Lucky~~ Leveling so easy like that. o_O

Anyway, Happy 2 year Hoshiru! ♥ Hope I couldn’t have done something special for it. |||||

Fervor Sensation

HondaiMood: HAPPY! 8D
Listening to: Love the World – Perfume
Eating: Kit-Kat
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Playing: Final Fantasy III (DS)
Browsing: Lang-8
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New layout! finally! right? XD I really liked the last layout, but it’s been up since October. So it’s a time for a change. Strangely this layout was inspired by Perfume’s song ‘Love the world’. It’s such a cute song! But can you see any trace on the layout of how my inspiration bloomed? Don’t worry, I can’t either. Hahaha~ Man, when did Perfume became so mainstream! O_o I didn’t realize it, but now they even have their own TV show.

Talking about TV shows, out of all the Johnny’s Group, seems like NEWS is the only group that doesn’t have their own show. I think it’s because everyone is so busy with their own thing. I would be nice to have a NEWS show though. X3 Oh well, Tegoshi is a regular on Sekai no Hate Made, Itte Q! anyway. A show that makeshim go all around the world and do weird stuff. Apparently he didn’t have such a pleasant memory in Thailand, oops!

Anyway! About the layout. Pink layout again. XD Can’t help it, I love pink layouts!!! The CSS is still a little funny. But I’m too lazy to fix it! (Sorry) The name Fervor Sensation is kinda random. Fervor – great warmth and earnestness of feeling and Sensation – a state of excited feeling or interest caused among a lot of people’s thoughts. Interesting name isn’t it. I think it matches the layout pretty well. 8D

I got a 76% on my econ stuff. Hmmm…. still not the score I wanted. But still, atleast it got a tiny bit better! :)|||||

Hoshiru Updates

HondaiMood: Sleepy
Listening to: Sunadokei – Tegomasu
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Working on: Math Homework
Browsing: Lang-8
Watching: Scrap Teacher

Phew~! Another week went by, now another to go! Next week is the final week for college! Then After that I have?Nothing?to worry about during break! XD Well… not?nothing. But I don’t have to worry?as much. 🙂

So I added some pages and fix some stuff. One of the pages I added is the?So called Heroes?page. I’ve been thinking on how to write this page, and finally I decide to merge them together and call them my heroes. 8D There you are!?My Heroes!?I’m not really done writing in it yet. Since it really takes a lot of reflecting when I write this stuff. I get too sentimental. D:

The other page I added is the?extremely interesting?Drama list?Page. Whoo~ I can’t believe how many dramas I finished watching. It’s a lot and insane considering I have only started most of the dramas this year o__o

I have work tomorrow~ Noooo. I really don’t feel like going tomorrow. >__<; I have a lot of thinking to do for my English class.?Final Reflection?essay.. all I have to do is reflect myself right? D:

Ahhh wells, Que sera sera! good night!

Kami-sama no present

HondaiMood: A little tired but good!
Listening to: KANSHA shite – SMAP
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Reading: Espanol text book!
Working on: Page drafts
Browsing: Deviant Art
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Whoo hoo! Finally a new layout! Featuring the one and only?Athrun Zala!?Whoohoo!?Athrun is back. Hahahaha. It’s going to be his birthday soon. It’s going to be?Amp’s?birthday soon too! Their both on the same day. Hahaha.

I actually got Ampy something for her birthday already.?I hope she likes it. I mean,?it’s nothing really special?but in a way it is Hahaha. Too bad I can’t say what it is because?Ampy?checks Hoshiru out sometimes. So I guess you guys will find out the same time Ampy does! 😀

Anyway, about the new layout. How do you like it??I actually finished it since the beginning of October. But I didn’t have a chance to fix some parts of the layout.?(in the end I didn’t anyway)?Does it seem a little gloomy? I wanted it to be night time so thats why. *-* I really like how it’s simple though. 😀 Inspiration from?NEWS Happy Birthday!. Oh and the title, Kami-sama no present. Means?“a present from god”?or?God’s present. Just gave the name dedicated to Athrun that’s all. XD

I cleared up alot of dead blog buddies. Some of them closed down so I felt kinda bad removing them T^T.?But I feel like I accidentally removed someone I’m not suppose to?x_X So if?you one of them?please inform me. I don’t think I can recall my blog buddies from memory.

I also updated my?Wish List and Fan listing. A lot of my wishes came true! Which is a good thing. Mostly are the ‘items’ though. Of only the events and the dreams can come true! >0< But some of those will take afford. Which I am working hard on. >:D And also I rearranged some of the fan listing buttons.?I gave Tegoshi a huuuuugggeeee button?because I’m a?huuuuugggeeee?fan. Hahaha, I’m sure there are people out there who is a huger fan though. [Aweee ): doesn’t matter though HAH!] I want to give Athrun a?huuuuugggeeeeone too. But I guess I’ll make one some other time. *slaps Hondai you meanie!*

Anyway, I should go to sleep now. I have to stop by the high school tomorrow. Bye bee!