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    Fervor Sensation

    New layout! finally! right? XD I really liked the last layout, but it’s been up since October. So it’s a time for a change. Strangely this layout was inspired by Perfume’s song ‘Love the world’. It’s such a cute song! But can you see any trace on the layout of how my inspiration bloomed? Don’t worry, I can’t either. Hahaha~ Man, when did Perfume became so mainstream! O_o I didn’t realize it, but now they even have their own TV show. Talking about TV shows, out of all the Johnny’s Group, seems like NEWS is the only group that doesn’t have their own show. I think it’s because everyone is so busy with their own…

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    Hoshiru Updates

    Phew~! Another week went by, now another to go! Next week is the final week for college! Then After that I have?Nothing?to worry about during break! XD Well… not?nothing. But I don’t have to worry?as much. 🙂 So I added some pages and fix some stuff. One of the pages I added is the?So called Heroes?page. I’ve been thinking on how to write this page, and finally I decide to merge them together and call them my heroes. 8D There you are!?My Heroes!?I’m not really done writing in it yet. Since it really takes a lot of reflecting when I write this stuff. I get too sentimental. D: The other…

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    Kami-sama no present

    Whoo hoo! Finally a new layout! Featuring the one and only?Athrun Zala!?Whoohoo!?Athrun is back. Hahahaha. It’s going to be his birthday soon. It’s going to be?Amp’s?birthday soon too! Their both on the same day. Hahaha. I actually got Ampy something for her birthday already.?I hope she likes it. I mean,?it’s nothing really special?but in a way it is Hahaha. Too bad I can’t say what it is because?Ampy?checks Hoshiru out sometimes. So I guess you guys will find out the same time Ampy does! 😀 Anyway, about the new layout. How do you like it??I actually finished it since the beginning of October. But I didn’t have a chance to…