I feel so dam fat

Ugh… I’ll get right on point, I feel so dam fat. It’s so annoying to see myself in the mirror and to frown and think, I used to be so skinny. I really used to be skinny, hovering around 89-92 lbs. At one point I dropped to 84 lbs and I still look healthy (I had a small belly and you can’t see my bones). Trust me, my body was probably designed to be around 90 lbs even with muscles.

With all that information, you know how fat I am now? I’m at 108 lbs! = = To a lot of people they’re say, “you’re so skinny!” but I know myself best, I gained 20 lbs and that’s not a good thing

iPhone pics 881

Me in June 2014 aprox 89 lbs


Me in July 2015.. aprox 100 lbs

You probably can’t see the difference but, my tummy got bigger, my thighs got fatter, my face got rounder and my arms got bigger. ARG! The only good thing is that my boobs got bigger (LOL)


Why did I got in a habit of eating such junky food when I didn’t exercise much. Why is it so embarrassing to work out in front of people I know. = = why was my 10 hour shift so tiring.

Now that I’m back home, I really hope I can get back into a good habit of not pigging out too much and especially to motivate myself to exercise! I really want to get back to 90 lbs.