New Hair Color!

So yesterday my sister and I decide to go dye our hairs for the first time and the experience was … Rather adventurous.

On our way to the salon it first started raining … A slightly harder rain than the ordinary Seattle rain. But then if got harder and windier … And the next thing we knew it was a hailing thunder storm and that hail hurts ):<

Out of all the salons, we decide to go to this place in downtown Seattle, Foxycuys, a tiny salon owned by a very interesting and welcoming man name Miguel. He spend the entire day pretty much doing our hair. It was an amazing experience !! It’s as if I went to meet up with a friend and he did my hair.

How my hair turned out in the end (^_^) I wish the red would show up abit more on camera, but in person it truly is amazing. It’s a masterpiece !!

Lately I’ve been missing Arthur so much.. Maybe my patience of not physically seeing him has gone less ever since he came to visit in Dec. It It was one of the best times of my life. we were together for 9 days straight and barely lost sight of each other. I didn’t get sick of him or annoyed of him at all. I only wanted more and more of him… Now that he’s not here, my room feels so empty . All the time I spend talking to him never feels enough. And sleeping just got harder because he’s not near me.

That said, I am also okay with the distance. Although it’s true that we don’t get to see each other much, he never makes me feel insecure at all. He always make sure I know he loves me, and always make sure I’m happy ^__^ with him I feel so happy, I can’t possibly ask for more.

He’s all that I ever wanted.
I want to cherish him for as long as I could.
I want to have a future with him.

Love you so much ❤︎