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    Get Flaked

    So, I got flaked. For the 3rd time by someone I’ve been trying to make friends with since last year. Am I sad? Yeah… kinda. But honestly, I get it. It takes a flaker to get a flaker you know. Plus, perhaps meeting each other isn’t such a great idea during this pandemic anyways. Since my friend from work flaked on my today, I spent my day at home just… being me! It wasn’t a bad day at all to be honest. I started on Chloe Ting’s 2022 weight loss program. Day 1 was brutal. I could barely get through the ab workout. But I really enjoyed the HIIT workout…

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    In 2022 I will

    In 2022 I will… be my true self around others. I’ll not beat around the bush or be agreeable to everything simply because I’m afraid of rejection. If I’m not a fan of something, I’ll say so without sounding like an ass of course. I don’t want to be the “I like everything you like because I want to be liked by you.” person anymore. We can like each other even more knowing that we can be honest around each other. think before I buy. The collector mentality needs to stop. Why buy something simply because you feel obligated to? Why buy something if a part of it makes you…

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