Kusanagi Tsuyoshi

    Mood: 😀 Listening to: Taisetsu na mono – TiA Drinking: Orange Juice Reading: Aishiteruze Baby [finished!] Working on: [work] Browsing: – Watching: – First of all, J-pop fan or not, it’s news all over the world. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi of my dearest, most favorite group ever SMAP has been reported being drunk and naked and yelling at the police “What’s wrong with being naked!!!” … Dang Tsuyo-pyon, keep the alcohol down will ya? I love Tsuyoshi as much as I love all the other members in SMAP. Did he disappointed me? Yes. Do I hate him now? No. I personally don’t mind him being suspended for a year before going back to work. But I just…

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    Wall of Johnnys

    Mood: Tired but great! Listening to: So Special – EXILE Drinking: Nothing Reading: Lollipop something Working on😕True Magic’s update Browsing: Last.fm Watching: Hotelier [Korean Drama] Ophew! this week hasn’t been that busy. But for some reason I feel more tired than the other weeks. *0* I wonder why. Anyway, I think I remember mentioning that my room has a?very?boring?white wall. Well, I guess Amp and I found a way to?pimp?make our wall more interesting. This is the view from my bed?(It’s a top bunk). What I see first thing in the morning. Yes, I know a wall full of posters of?Johnny’s. Well, the official posters are the?SMAP?poster?(the biggest one)and?Tegomass?Pin-up?(two guys…

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    Mint Mocha!

    Mood: Happy?[Edit]ANGRY! D:<[/Edit] Listening to: Happy Birthday – NewS Drinking: Minty Mocha! Reading😕Massu no Master Hits! Working on: A gift for my dear friend in Thailand. Browsing😕Diary Yenta Watching: Nobuta wo Produce! I know this blog entry is?VERY?long. I don’t really expect anyone to read it all. x_X Maybe someone who actually cares and have time would read it but yeah. Sorry bout this Arg omg! I have too many things to blog about. Oddly when I actually have something to blog about, I always end up being too tired or not have time to do it. Now I finally have a day break so here I am! 8D Anyway,…

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    98 Percent!

    Mood: HAPPY! Listening to: Your Seed – Hey! Say! Jump! Drinking: Waterrr Reading: Gentleman’s Aliance Vol. 5 Working on: Nothing! 😀 Browsing😕Jpop Asia Watching: Ruroni Kenshin…? Le~Bamb! ZOMG!!!?Let’s celebrate everyone!! I got a?98.3%?on my summer math class!!! 8DDDD Ze Hondai is?SUPER?happpyy!!! Fwee~!?*dances around*?Man this summer is totally not like last summer. Anyway, I went to Mei-chan’s house today! 😀 We just hung out. Then I showed Mei-chan her fortune, love capability with Masuda. XD Her stuff was Thumbs up! They should make a good couple. Then we looked up Hondai’s and Tegoshi’s and here is what it says: The male Rabbit and the female Goat are very much the perfect…

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