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School finally started.. Yay~ My last quarter at the UW will be fun! Japanese linguistics class and Japanese Culture class– or I prefer to call it the Anime class. For the most part there are a lot of people I know in my classes, although they’re ‘classmates’ not really people I call ‘friends’ so yep, back to loner quarters. Yeah, ever since I broke up with Max, I’ve been spending more time outside alone.

Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t mind being a loner at all. I hear a lot from people who are newly high school grads, or people whom I feel like are still stuck in their ‘high school phase’  saying “You’re always alone, isn’t it lonely?” 1) It’s not really lonely, it’s rather peaceful actually, 2) I’m not always alone D< ! Every time I hangout with people though, I barely hangout in groups, it’s always with just 1 other person. I guess I’m not a huge fan of hanging in groups. When I do though, I tend to be the quiet/listener, opposing to my 1 on 1 moments, I tend to be the speaker at those times.

I don’t understand why people despise being alone so much. Going shopping alone, going to watch movies alone, going for a meal alone, is it really that bad? You get to control the situation without having to consider a 2nd mind, thus, all the freedom you want. That said, of course I do enjoy doing all that stuff with someone else. Especially if that someone else is someone I really love to spend time with. Especially, especially if that someone else enjoys spending their time the way you spend your time then everything comes together in a perfect picture.

If you think about it, being alone at school, or public places isn’t so bad right? Or maybe it’s not so bad for me because I’m not actually ‘truly’ alone. I call, text, chat with people who aren’t physically present all the time. Social medias and technology man.. In such a busy world, where do people get the energy to socialize all the time.

Ps. 4 more days <3

June 2024

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