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Hoshiru.net is my personal blog, or I rather call it my online diary.  It was established on Wednesday, March 28, 2007 when my 15 year old self got tired of other hosting inconsistencies and limitations. Thus, I took control and finally bought myself a home on the World Wide Web.

The name Hoshiru is gibberish Japanese coming from the word (Hoshi) which means star and  (ru) to make the word feel more like a name.

I’ve been writing web logs at many different platforms since 2003. In fact, it was one of the original reasons why I began using the internet. It started when my parents pulled me out of school in Thailand to prepare for my move to the States. At the time I didn’t want to forget about my life in Thailand so I used Yenta4’s online diary service to write about my feelings. Unfortunately, many of my entries prior to 2008 are no longer attainable because of dead hosts (also me accidentally deleting it -slaps self-).

As you can see, Hoshiru doesn’t really have a specific topic/theme besides documenting my life. You will learn about me inside and out by reading my entries. I don’t really mind people reading through my personal thoughts since I’m pretty transparent about it anyways but it is honestly a little embarrassing when someone I know tell me that they read my blog. So if I know you in person feel free to read but don’t feel the need to tell me you do!

April 2024

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