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また Miss Fortune

I can’t believe I’m blogging more about League of Legends again. But anyways, lately its been much more fun because I get to play with my friends. Today I was playing with  my High School (now college) friends. First game we played together we lost so badly. =w= so badly… I played Lux and lane with Jett’s (epic)Garen but then we had to go against Orienna and Fiddles. Oh they were such a pain. Especially Orienna, she’s like lux… but better lol.

After losing that game, all 5 of us decide to play again. This time I decide to play Miss Fortune and hopefully carry the team. Tom who was playing carry last time switch to Alister (tank/support) which kept me alive after team battles. I went mid against Twisted Fate, and all went well went well 😉

Score Board

This time with my Road Warrior Miss Fortune  skin too. Heee.

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