General Life


This year is really going by in a blink of an eye. With that said, remembering things that happened before April actually feels like a life time ago. So much has been going on this year, it’s hard to keep track of what has changed since the last time I was on here.

Social Life

Ever since I ‘graduated’ from being a teacher, I felt very desperate to keep in touch with people. Especially those who are currently physically here with me. I didn’t want to lose the connects I’ve made with the wonderful people I met through my old job.

I went to an Onsen for the first time with a teacher who I taught elementary school with for 2 years. She’s wonderful. I absolutely love her. By the time I’m writing this, I’ve met her twice and I’m hoping to meet her again soon!

Onsens are so relaxing and actually a great place to hangout! Not only do we bond by overcoming the embarrassment of being ‘naked’ you also have plenty of time to talk and just relax together. Also, as a foreigner, it was a nice chance to have a cultural exchange moment too.

Other socializing I really pushed myself to do is bring together the ALTs and one of the English teachers I taught with in Jr. high. He always told me that he wanted to make more English speaking friends so that he can have the opportunity to use English in a natural setting. He’s quite handsome so, many of the girls who met him during a summer event asked me if I could introduce them lol. So I did.

We went out drinking together. It was such a wild experience to be the person to actually arrange the meet up. I know it’s no big deal, but for me it’s the first time I’ve ever done something like that in my life. I was so nervous, but everyone was so lovely and we had a lot of fun! I want to hangout with them again.


So at the end of April I finally started my ‘new’ job. It’s been a long journey and I was so nervous to start but I’m so glad I got this job. It’s almost everything I wish for. Not only do I get to use the skills I learned throughout my professional life, I also get to use my Japanese, which is what I studied in university.

Starting work was a little rough. To transition from a position where interacting with people was the main function, to being in front of the computer 8+ hours a day was a little difficult. But everyone in my company is really cool and helpful and really helped me adjust to the new work culture quickly.

Although it’s been 4+ months since I started, I’m still learning something new everyday. I really love my team and I feel super excited to grow with them.

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