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A Smack of Reality

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Haha, I’ve done it this time. Here’s the scoop, nearly 10 hours of Maple Story on Sunday after noon and 5 hours last night. Whoa there whoa! Well now Hondai, you have just earned yourself a suspension from Maple Story until Friday. Well in 14 hours, I leveled my Fighter from level 64-69cleric from 31-36, and my sin from 50-51. Maple Anniversary is so addicting! Hahaha… If you think that’s a lot my friend Stan who was 75 is now 86. Hmm probably 90 already by now?

Anyway, it’s time to smack back into reality. I’m busy this week and I haven’t realized that I missed my orthodontist appointment yesterday. I studied so hard for my Chemistry test but in the test, I couldn’t do much. I didn’t study my kanji, so I forgot how to write the Kanji for name -> 名前(namae) so I ended up writing 名舞(namai) on the test. Epic Fails. DX

I enjoy Chemistry but Chemistry doesn’t enjoy me
Me & My lovely chem book

Ps. Utada is sick so she canceled her visits to shops. I was soo looking forward to it!!!|||||

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