Dead by Daylight

I would say Dead by Daylight recently became one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played in a long time and here are 3 reasons why.

  1. Exciting game play
  2. Solo play is just as fun as team play
  3. Everyone is a winner

First point, exciting game play. What kind of horror game does not get you pumped up and nervous. I can’t explained how freaked out I get every time I hear a heart beat. Now the game does get stale and less scary after playing several times but with the new addition of the new killer, Micheal Mayers, who can sneak up on you, players are back on to feeling paranoid at the beginning of every game again.

Solo vs team play. Although I mostly enjoy playing the game with friends, when my friends are not online I have the option to play alone. Being a survivor alone can become quite scary or if I don’t want to deal with randoms, I can just play as a killer when I’m going solo.

Lastly, everyone is a winner. This is probably my most favorite thing about the game. Winning or losing doesn’t not come down to escaping or dying. If you just hide in the closet and escape last minute when all your mates open the games, you’ll get nothing out of it. As for killer, if you just stand there and watch someone die as you hook them, you won’t be getting good points. Not to mention you’ll be wasting a ton of time just to make sure 1 person dies. So the more things you try to do, the more benefit you get for both parties. Everyone is a winner!

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