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If you got this right, I’m impress! Only people who cares enough about me would know my favorite color lol. Well.. I kinda mention it on my twitter anyways… but whatever!

I feel like my creative writing skills has gone down the drain. Or was it ever there in the first place? I’ve tried writing out many things but they just don’t come out right. So to get my head running, I guess I’ll write something on Hoshiru. It might be unrelated, but it always help get my mind running.

So yesterday I went to David Choi and Clara C concert. It was great! But I’ll write more about that later @_@ hopefully while it’s still fresh in my mind. But anyways, right after the concert a friend of mine, Max and I decide to go grab some bubble tea and have a chat.

My friend broke up with her boyfriend awhile ago, but recently she started dating another guy. Somehow she told me, ‘I’m just waiting for him to get tired of me”. It kinda makes me sad when she says that. I understand that she doesn’t want to allow herself to ‘fall too much in love’ again like she did with her last relationship, but the way she puts it is as if she’s not ready to be in a new relationship. It sounds as if she can’t trust her new boyfriend to love her for the way she is. But her choice is hers, and the guy she’s dating doesn’t seem to be a bad guy at all. I’ve known him from the game club, though he’s always been quite a mystery to me lol.

The funny thing is that she asked me and Max.. “don’t you guys ever get tired of each other?” Well.. I wouldn’t call it tired of each other. Honestly, its kinda hard for me to overdose on Max. This is why I tell people, such thing as ‘the friend zone’ doesn’t exist. I would never date someone who can’t even be my friend. I don’t want a relationships based only on flings and affection… those don’t last long, and they never well. Meanwhile, if you can be friends with your significant other, times where you might not feel as affectionate, you’ll still enjoy your time with them as friends.

It’s not that Max and I never got into arguments or have those moments where we don’t feel like seeing each other. But the longer we date, the more we learn from our mistakes. In my case, I am lucky. Max is the type of guy who’ll try to communicate. He would usually tell me what I did to upset him, or what kind of things upset him in general. That wasn’t always the case, but somehow.. I don’t know, we just started doing that. Some things we complain to each other about is something that we can’t change either. Things that are ‘just the way we are’. When that comes up, you just have to start thinking of it in a different point of view. Understand each other.. No ones perfect, but if you can come to adapt with each everything will be fine.

I’m no love doctor, but life is about live in learn.

this is so off topic.. lol

Well anyways, I’m writing my major admission essay right now.

I really don’t know how to appeal myself to the faculty. To make them trust me and believe that I’ll make good use of what their department offers. I’m asking myself.. well what is it that you want to do in the department anyways? What is it that you want out of it? What do you want to do in the future? What lead you to join it in the first place?

AHHH~~~ .__. Writing is so hard.

June 2024

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