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Lately I’ve been a little obsess with browsing local radio channels. I found out some good channels and some funny ones. xD Makes me wonder if anyone listens to the radio anymore? Because being a DJ seems like something fun. Don’t you think?

If I was a DJ, I might be a little bias and play too many of my favorite songs. Spam my audience with SMAP and NEWSness. Just kidding. I might be a huge fan of SMAP and NEWS but I have many other favorite songs other than by them. >.< It’s funny how a lot of people think that they are the only thing I listen to. My friend was super surprise when I burned her a CD of songs that I usually listen to (which was 600+ songs). I didn’t tell her tho that those were only the ones I usually listen to. Haha, well probably 20% of the songs were SMAP and NEWS.

Well, I always would like to hear about your favorite artists/songs. I really want to expand my music library with variety kinds of music. 🙂 Thet way I’ll know what type of music I truely love. XD

Ps. it’s my MS friend’s birthday today! 😀 HAPPY BIRTHDAY STAN!. Best wishes to him, even though I feel like … he … hates me now but oh well. Hahaha. 16 years old huh, sooo young! <3|||||

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