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Yayers! Today right after Spanish class I rush to the bus stop and head for International District in Seattle. And yep! Go my NEWS CD. Only thing I regret is I forgot to bring my stamp! ._. Blahh~ could have got 3 stamps. Closer to my 10% off CD D:

Oh wells! Currently listening to the last song in the album. 😀 I’m impress! NEWS manage to pull of an album that didn’t have a single song that makes me want to slap someone in the face. In?Touch,?their first album, there were 2 songs that I rather not listen. And then there was?Pacific,?their second album, Change the World and 君想フ夜 was just something I don’t enjoy as much.

Here are the tracklist for NEWS?color. 🙂 I skip my thoughts on the songs that came from past singles.

NEWS color01 weeeek
– Pop Rock-ish. Nice tune not so catchy though it’s a nice song! It’s some what very B-side like song. An averagely good song.
– The long awaited concert song finally on CD. I don’t know how I want to describe this song. I’m very allured to it. The lyrics is like a love story. It sounds pretty much like the concert version but we can hear the guitar better! <3?sep Ryo sounds much better live! Same with Tegoshi.
05 Forever
– This is a very nice R&B ballad song. The opening was Tegoshi’s solo and he did very well opening the song. Follow up with the first verse by Ryo just made the song beautiful!
– Yamapi’s Solo. The lyrics is all in english, mmm I personally don’t prefer this kind of lyrics. The musicality in the song is very cool though! But I think cut out on the voice synthesizer D: I like Yamapi’s voice!
07 ケセナイ
– When I saw the tracklist I wasn’t expecting much from this song. But then as I listen to it, it was a very very beautiful song. Then later on I figure, it’s Tegoshi’s Solo song[?]! I heard only 1 voice singing most of the song. Some times accompanied by Shige and Ryo. (Not so sure about the Shige part)
08 ordinary
– Ryo’s solo! Rock style, just like code. This song sounds great! But since it’s Ryo’s solo, I can’t help but compare it to code. I personally thought code was better because it sounds more expressive and more Ryo like. But I still like this song alot!
09 みんながいる世界をひとつに 愛をもっとGive & Takeしましょう
– Minna ga iru sekai wo hitotsu ni ai wo motto Give and Take shimashou. Thats a mouth full for a song name!! Someone finally beat Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou? for a long title. >_<;;; not the point here! The song sounds like NEWS’s old style boy band like song. Happy, go, go, touchy feely like song. Most of the vocal was lead by Masuda. He did very well. 🙂
10 ムラリスト
– This song sounds so KOYASHIGE! It’s like Rock’n’Roll. Lol! It’s a cute happy song. XD It’s fun to listen to when your bored or something. It might get annoying to some people though. Hahahaha
11 太陽のナミダ
12 Smile Maker?
– This song really seems like the style NEWS is heading to lately. I like it! It’s like an beat beat not so but sorta balad type of thing. It’s flowy. Sometimes I call it popy-rappy. XD
13 Happy Birthday
– Another beat beat not so but sorta balad song. Hahaha. Another I like. FLY AGAIN sounds like a song you would think “Haven’t I heard this somewhere before?” kinda of thing. (Atleast thats what I think).
15 [Bonus Track] 永遠色の恋?
Towa iro no koi~ Another long awaited song. I think this song was since… 2005? And just now it’s finally on CD! A winter ballad song. It’s pretty! It reminds me of a dark night time with bright stars and city lights. I like this song alot.

Over all personally an awesome album. I’m sure people who aren’t NEWS fans would enjoy it too. Especially when they haven’t heard or don’t have the single songs. 😀

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