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HondaiMood: Good
Listening to: Wind – Toshiro Masuda
Eating: Cobb Salad
Reading: Kitchen Princess Vol. 2
Working on: A Premade 🙂
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Watching: Minami Ke!

Ello Jellos! Today Ampy and I went shopping! Hahaha. At first we didn’t plan to waste money at all but some how we started buying stuff. I end up spending more than $20!!! TT^TT No more NEWS CD’s for you Hondai.

But I think what I got was quite worth it! 😀 I got 2 pairs of earings. One was a dangling star one and the other was a hoop kind. Then I got new sun glasses. Then I got a Hello-kitty light up Yoyo and a Mechanical pencil of this cute Panda and bread thing. I actually wanted to buy this game called Ninja Gaiden too. But it waswaaaaaayy too expensive. It was over $30!! I played the sample in the shop for quite awhile. It was very entertaining XDDD

OH! By the way. About my test that I forgot to scan 1 page last time. Tinia (my math teacher) decides to be awesome and graded only the pages I scanned!!! Gahhh~ I’m so lucky!!! Usually in college classes they wouldn’t really give such opportunities like this. Ackk I love Tinia now. She’s the best. 🙂

Amp and I started watch Minami Ke yesterday. It was cute and funny. XD We watched 3 episodes so far I think. My favorite part would probably part when the youngest sister was invited go hang out asked her friend if they were going to do “the weird thing people do when a boy and a girl are alone”. Ahahahaha. That made me laugh alot. The thing is she doesn’t know what that “weird thing” people do is. I also like the ending theme. 😀 I’m suppose to sing it at Ampy’s request quite a long time ago but I can’t seem to sing this song in tune at all D: Tune Fail

And thank you for all the comments on the new layout ^__^ I’m happy you all like it.

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June 2024

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