Stud day Wed day

HondaiMood: AH!
Listening to: This annoying girl next to me talking
Drinking: Water
Reading: Nancy Sommer’s I’m standing here writing
Working on: ENG Assignments.
Browsing: Blackboard. XD
Watching: Currently nothing.

It’s Wednesday today. Yay! I’m currently blogging at the weirdest place ever… My high school library. o__o;;;

So since I don’t have classes on Wednesday, I decide come to the high school. So I can study and see my friends. I got so much done so far. If I was at home, I’ll probably still be sleeping! I finished 3 whole assignments from my English class and I still have a ccouple of more to go. But I got bored, so I tried going to twitter. Twitter doesn’t work on school computers. Then I took a wild try on my own website. Surprisingly, it worked, perfectly fine. Looks like non of my teachers is notice I’m doing something noneducational though. Hahaha.

NewS HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGLE IS OUT!?I’m very happy about this. Ampy and I are going to pick up our copy on Friday. 🙂 I can’t wait! I’m a little angry about people downloading the music. I mean, the single is not out yet and they already got these rips on every single song from the CD! I don’t mind people downloading music (It’s totally normal and I do it myself). But I didn’t like the fact that they distribute them before the CD came out. v__v; The artist will loose some of their sells and it’s just sad. I download a ton of music but I try to buy some (or borrow them from the library) from time to time. I felt alittle guilty before when I notice my whole playlist was all illegal. Not only that, my whole computer was illegal! My Vista… my photoshop… my videos… my files. (Now they are legalize. Well… only the vista at least).

): But I need to understand that not everyone have the money to buy them (downloading music saves ALOT of money) or they prefer to use their money on something else. I should stop ranting. I hope no one takes this offending or anything. I have nothing against people who download stuff. I’m just angry that someone distribute the file even before it was out D:

Ooops the bell rand. I have to go soon! bye bye.

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