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Welcome to the City of Hoshido

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Now, I don’t know if I ever mention it on here but, I’m a huge Animal Crossing: New Leaf fan. A lot of people say it’s a kids game, true I won’t argue that, but I find it very relaxing to play. I would not recommend this game for people who are impatient though. The fact that the game runs on real time means that you have to wait for everything lol. you can only grind so much in the game before you run out of things to do.

The game reminds me a lot of when I used to play Dolls with my siblings. We had a whole kingdom thought out and almost every stuffed animal would have a name, a family, and a history. You could ask any of my siblings about one of our dolls and we’ll probably say the same thing about them. I feel like I should make an archive like website for them one day. Just for fun. There, that’s a project for you Wilda.

Anyways, I originally got ACNL for the first time last fall of 2015. It was my therapy from all the stress I had to deal with at my call center job. There was a time where I called in sick right before work and hung out at Starbucks all day playing Animal Crossing. I was that stressed out and needed a personal day off. I really loved my old town Ichido. Unfortunately I lost my first ACNL cartridge while moving back to Washington… So good bye my Ichido; I will forever miss you..

Good news is, last fall I got a new one ACNL! I didn’t want to name the town Ichido again, since that just feels wrong, so I was looking for something similar to Ichido. Nido.. didn’t sound city-like, Sando just sounds like sandwich and the rest of the number sequence was just blah. In the end I settled with Hoshido because Hoshiru. I like the name but I still liked Ichido much better. Ichido just came to mind instantly when I started the game, it was meant to be.

Hoshido has gotten so much bigger than Ichido has though. Just today I finally got the Museum expansion so I can dump junk I want to keep as an ‘exhibition’. Haha.

Now that I got a New 3DS, I will be playing this more often. Hopefully.

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